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my best and worst trip ever

it was one of freind's birthday party so i told him i was going to get some shrooms.

it was one of freind's birthday party so i told him i was going to get some shrooms. the shrooms i got were from a different place than where i usually had been getting them. but i'd had these before, the first shrooms i had ever tripped. these shrooms are very powerful, much more powerful than the ones i usually get. so i went to the party with the shrooms. i gave an eighth to most of the people except two of my freinds, i gave them a fat quarter. i myself ate a 14 gram half, this is the most i've ever ate and i should have known not to underestimate these. the body buzz came on quick, so i told my freind to let me sit in his truck so i could listen to avenged sevenfold. when i started listening to the music is about when i started tripping. i started looking around and then i knew. i was looking at these two trees and they started changing into the best i can explain it two spinning dark green and black checker boards spinning and then it was like my world litterally turned sideways. i closed my eyes and hoped i was ready for what was going to happen tonight. so we got out of the truck and a few of us began walking through this feild. we went to this old family private cemetary and everything was so dead and decrepid and the trees were just fucked. we got out of there and kept on down this little hill and could see some kind of life in front of us but we could not tell what it was. then we got closer and figured out it was just cows. by now i was fully tripping and i almost felt like i could not walk. we started to make our way back and one of my freinds was running up the hill and it looked like he was flying almost. we got back to my freinds house where we were staying and we went inside. everyone inside was tripping hardcore and i was definately and started feeling very intensely like i was going to get sick, but i kept trying to talk myself out of it. it was getting harder and harder to fight so i got up and went to lay in the floor. i still felt sick so i stood back up and somone asked me if i was alright and i said no, when i said this i got very light headed and the best ican explain is that everything i saw started twirling down a drain and everything went black. i hit the ground and it took a couple of seconds to see again and now all i could taste was those nasty ass mushrooms. i thought i was about to puke so i just crawled to the bathroom and i did puke a little in my mouth and spit but swallowed the rest. then i layed halway in the hall and in the bathroom and did not want to move or talk and i seriously thought i was going to die for about five minutes, i had to tell myself that i was going to live, that you cannot od on psilocybin mushrooms. then after i came back to reality or at least alittle bit of it i started to feel better by the minute. then after about ten minutes of lying there i had to get up because somone had to use the bathroom. i got up and realized wasn't going to get sick anymore and every thing was fine, now i just had to calm everyone else down because they were losing their minds worrying about me and some other kid that had hisself locked in a room. they told me that his sister was coming to get him so me and the two freinds that ate a quarter left to go to one of their houses. my freind that was driving kept asking me if i wanted to drive but i told him i didn't need to because nothing that i saw was real and the road kept moving and shit. we made it back to his house and sat on his pool deck and talked about the hell back at that house. they were still kind of shook up and i just explained that nothing was wrong, i had just ate too much and the body part of it just got too intense and body tried to reject some of the shrooms. then my who's house we were at decided he going try to go to sleep and i told him he wouldn't be able to but he went inside anyway. me and my other freind sat on the deck and tripped on the stars for a while then went in too. sure enough he was wide awake when we went in. we sat in his room and watched the movie ray (about ray charles) and tripped on that. they fell asleep i couldn't sleep yet so i just turned off the tv and tried to go to sleep and eventually i did. it was the best trip except for the part when i almost got sick, i had never had a bad trip before because its easy to control but when i got sick i couldn't control that

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