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My Belief


….(continued from An Island of Blue)

…so I fell asleep in the sun with the sound of everything is my mind. And I awoke to find that I believed in something. That simply put …everything is everything.

For you math geeks out there…I believe the universe is a fourth dimensional sphere. The fourth dimension being such that all points in the sphere are the same point. Or you might describe it as a one-dimensional sphere.

Of course this is very difficult to think. So here is a better description. In “Men in Black” (the first one) at the end, our universe was no more than a marble in a giant aliens marble game, right? Now imagine that our universe is an infinitely small atom inside your thumb, ok. That way if you flew a space ship to the end of the universe you would come out of your thumb. So, since our universe is an atom in your thumb, and your thumb is in the universe, a loop is established.

Now is where it gets tricky. Imagine that the universe is every atom in your thumb…but not only that… Imagine that the universe is every atom…everywhere. Imagine that this is the case at the smallest size. Imagine that the universe is what makes up the universe. It is its self. Everything is everything.

Now when I sat on the log and wrote I could feel this. When I thought of beautiful things a nice breeze would blow and the bird would sing. I didn’t think beautiful things because of the wind. My thought is the wind. My feelings are the world. I am everything.

I will not get in to all the many things that make sense to me now. But I will say that the world is more amazing and interlocked than I ever imagined.

Wallace and I, even though we were sitting very far apart both knew that our ideas were connected some how. That ideas, though different in content, are caused in unison. That everything is in unison.

Briefly I would also like to state some things that I see but do not understand.

There seems also to be a high and a low, a yin and yang, a sin wave (math geeks), in the universe. I see it in my own thinking patterns. I see it in trip reports I have read, I see it in the tides and I see it in the stock market. It is a wave that dips and rises. Of concentration and confusion. I’m sure you to have experienced something like this. It is writers block and then a burst of words. The dualities continue……and that is what bothers me…..I thought there was only one? I don’t know what to make of this yet but I know that “it” effects everything.

Furthermore, what is similarity? What are two things that are the same when everything is everything? Why is this occurring? What is difference for that matter?

Furthermore, considering everything being everything…..is there freedom of will? And for that matter is there even change? What is change??

This is a very difficult idea to grasp and I struggle with it all the time. I do not really know if it is true but ………how can it not be.
It is an idea that as come of shroom trips and is an idea that makes shroom trips make so much sense for me.

If you have any questions or comments, (math geek arguments?) please E-mail me



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