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my barterfare trip

Well i went to barterfare in washington.

Well i went to barterfare in washington. we got there on thursday, and on thursday night i was trippin. i ate a 1/8(my regular dosage) of really high quality mushrooms. for about the first hour i didnt feel anything but a body high. i was at a campfire with my homies. then i started wandering off for like 10-20 min at a time, always staying near the camp. then about 3hours into my trip i left my campsite and got lost . i was tripping hard then, lots of visuals, lots of walking through stuff that i thought was there. then i lost it. i was in the woods on a hill. i became absorbed into my head. my head was all there was. i was in a void. i had no sense of outside or time, but i knew that with time i would be better. i thought myself into circles, i thought myself crazy. i got desperate to be able to break free, and be able to interact with the world a little little bit. i was unable. desperation set in more. i was laying on the ground. i started crying for my brother, my mom, and my dad to help me. i called for my homies, i tried to look at my watch to see what time it was. my watch had no hands!?!! crap. i really started to sink into my brain again, and started calling for god a few times. i dont believe in him either, but i hoped he could help. i dont know if i was calling out loud, or not. i remeber phasing back into reality as i was puking, but i was unable to pull myself back toghether. when ifinally started comming into reality, i went down the hill and back to the barterfare. there were tons of people. i had a hard time navigating the camp sites and all the shit around. i kept seeing stuff, then avoiding it only to see my arm go through it. and other stuff i would just walk into. then i finally got back to my camp to discover that it had been 4 hours since i left before. then i went and layed down and tripped for a while before falling asleep. that was by far my most intence/bad/horrible/best trip ever.

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