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my 5th experience

I wrote a report on this night befor but when my friends read it they said it was confusing,so im rewriting it with more detail.

I wrote a report on this night befor but when my friends read it they said it was confusing,so im rewriting it with more detail.this trip happend september 10th 2004

I had wanted to do shrooms for my 5th time for a while before I heard that my friend cheryl said her parents were leaving town.this seemed like the perfect place to do them,out in the booneys in a fancey lof house with a cozy basment so me and my 2 friends bought a bag of shrooms wich equaled out to about an 1/8th each these friends were L and C.the 3 of us caught the bus out to cheryls school from our school at about 3:30 on a friday.then got on her school bus and went to her house wich is up on a big hill with trees all around.we got to her house to see that there friend who lives there ill call her H and her boyfriend who sold shrooms were there then after a while K showd up with D(cheryls boyfriend),B(female) and cheryls sister M. K bought some shrooms about an 1/8th and by this time it was about 9:00. Me, K, L, C, cheryl, and B all ate about and 1/8th each except for the girls cheryl and b who had about a gram or 2 each and ate theres about 1/2 an hour after we ate ours.we were in the pool room sipping on some beers listening to a trippy c.d called the plaid tounged devils,In klezkavania when the shrooms started to creep.it started about 15 minutes after ingestion with the usual adrenaline rush and brightness in colours.this lasted about 15 minutes.then in a split second the whole room was slanting and my pool stick felt limp like a wet noodle I was having fun.anxious but fun.then I started seeing the dusted fregments on the pool table forming really wierd designs that looked like little heads.I decide to stop playing pool and just walk around for a bit so I went into cheryls room were her and B were drunk and were about to eat there shrooms cheryl looked really fat like she was streching out and she was eating them down laughing.and I thaught to myself your gonna regret eating those.then I left and went into the lobby( by the way this isz all downstairs we hadnt even been upstairs yet) and staired at my beer can and noticed whenm I twisted the tab it seemed to warp in different directions this was fun for a while then L came in wereing english cloths that he got out of a box.cheryls parents are english aand the whole house is decorated like the mid 60's in england .this started to trip me out then in the bachround I heard cheryl making a comostion and I walked down the hall to see her puking on the wall I saw wierd things in that puke like eyes and shit and I thaught she was dying B(first timer) walked by couldnt even feel them yet we all decided to go to the t.v room except for cheryl who went in her room followed by her drunk b.f D trying to calm her down.it didnt take long for B to start getting freaked out she got up and said she feels funny and just left the t.v room.this is when I started getting really high about 45 minutes after ingestion I got up and walked down the dark hall(it was dark because L was turning off every light in the basment exept a red one then I walked into M's room were the light was on and asked her boyfriend(who I didnt include above Ill call him J) for the timehe put his watch up to my face but his hand kept stretching for like a meter when I could finaly see the digital watch all the numbers were moving around like ginnie pigs in a cage I said woah could you like read that for me he looked at me wierd(not knowing the power of shrooms) and told me.then about 3 people came in the room and there presence was to intense so I decided to leave.befor I left though.I looked up at the wall and all the paint sploches on the wall were monkey heads with pony tails that were flying around the walls fighting eachother I left in a hurry and decide to go for a walk with K and L I only made it downthe driveway befor I decide I should go back to the house and convince somone not fucked up to come.I talked to D who was drunk his face was morphing and he wasnt much help then I went into the t.v room with the red light in it and sat down beside H's b.f and asked him a question about shrooms.this was one of the craziest parts his answer was just a bunch of noises that I couldnt comprehend and I felt really alone finally about 7 of us decided to go for a walk.on my way out I was thinking about cheryl and B who were freakin out and we left them at the house I started to see cheryls face in the shelf.when we got out side I was the last on out and when I closed the basment door I could see 3 demensions one at one side of my perfrial vision the other at the other side and on infront of me and I could feel each one to It was so weird I cant ever begin to explain it so im not gonna try,anyways I followd them down the driveway and could see streching spider webbed faces in the air when we got down to the dirt rode we started walkin down it towards some dark woods there was another really nice house on the side but it was up a long driveway and looked like it was on the other side of ther earth the whole road was twisting and mixing in with the sky and everything looked like I was in a tunnel slide > I was screaming at every on that we have to turn back to the house befor we reached the forest and started to kinda freak out some of the others then I went into a trance .cheryls golden retriver was running ahead and it seemed to be running in slow motion and giving off alot of bright light all the trees around me were somthing flowing and I wasnt even talking L told me to get my flashlight out so I went into my pocket to grab the pointed end of it in my head it was a knife that cut me down to the bone and since my hand was super sweaty it felt bloody I held it up and I saw blood running down the whole thing I told them we need to turn back so we finally did when we got back to the house I was relieved to find that it wasnt cut .but then my relif died as cheryl came running into the t.v room saying that the person cheryls mom left in charge was back and shes a cop and that B was dead a.this did not help my state me L,K,C and the sober guy who sold shrooms ran to the middle of the drivewayso we would still have light from the house but were atleast a bit away from the mayhem I could hear the music coming out of the basment and the house looked like it was against us we decide to go close to the basment door under trhe porch for shelter from thge wind because it was tripping me out( I thaught it was blowing fragmens of me away) and we started to smoke a cigar,right then the sitter poked her head out of the door and asked what we were doing,none of us answerd then C spoke up and said were smoking,why?,bad habbit I geuss the she went inside .turns out shes pretty cool with all that shit and cheryl was just trippin balls when we went inside we found out thatB wasnt dead she was just having a really bad trip and cheryl thought the shrooms killed her or made her go crazy we my trip was calming down alot and the rest was really fun with awsome tracers and a cool mellow song was playing that seemed like a perfect conclusion we watched some tripped oput show about a little elf dude that was super corny then went to bed .I was totalyy normal the next day and have done a low dose of shroomse once since then .Im thinking about maybe doing them again soon but ill probably never do so high of a dose again.I hope this report isint confusing . happy tripping to all. P.S listen to pink floyd

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