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mushroom/mescaline flip

18, male, 130 lbs T0: swallowed approx.

18, male, 130 lbs

T0: swallowed approx. 10 grams capsulated peruvian torch cactus
T+1: smoked 1 bowl cannabis
T+3.5: ingested 3.5 grams psilocybe mushrooms (tea)
T+6: smoked 1 giant joint cannabis
T+7.5: smoked 1 joint cannabis

Okay so I'm finishing up my first year of college and I wanted to trip one last time. I had tripped numerous times over the course of the year, averaging about twice a month, on mushrooms, mescaline, salvia divinorum, and extracted LSA. I had about 10 grams of cactus powder left over from my last trip that my buddy and I couldn't get down without vomiting and I acquired some vitamin capsules that I filled with the powder. I woke up at 9 a.m. and swallowed the 22 capsules before hitting breakfast at the dining hall. When I got back I started to feel really sick and was burping up cactus taste, so I packed a bowl to smoke and eliminate the nausea. Then I basically just killed a couple hours sitting around stoned and starting to feel the effects of the cactus, basically just a weird mellowed out high. Once I felt like my stomach was somewhat back to normal I prepared the mushroom tea. The psilocybin took effect very quickly, and soon I was sitting in my friend's room laughing hysterically over nothing until tears were flowing and seeing faces all over his wooden furniture and walls. I managed to pull myself together and pack my bag and my discman to head up this giant mountain that overlooks the entire city. At this point there are rainbow coloured tints to everything I look at and I become extremely agitated passing tourists on the way up. I reached the summit and watched the city...the sky was incredible and there was a bridge that seemed to be moving, almost like some sort of procession of giants in the water. I then relocated to a more secluded (but still very visible) area and lit up a massive double paper joint. Everything was fine until I witnessed a mounted police officer off in the distance and started wandering to an even more secluded area which overlooked the water/city with no railing. At this point I felt like someone was going to sneak up on me from behind, and as I looked out over the water I felt like my entire body was blending into the sky and my surroundings. I realized then that I didn't need to be any more high and I would be safe if I just threw the joint away, so I left a sizeable roach on the ground and started attempting to walk down. I ended up wandering around in circles about 3 times before finding the stairs. Once I made it to the main path I proceeded to walk off in the wrong direction. At this point I am seeing colourful dancing silhouettes in the ground and vibrant gyrating patterns all moving in sync. I feel like I am constantly being followed at a short distance; at one point I even imagine a police car is driving slowly right behind me. I walk for what seems like hours and end up downtown, far away where all the streets seem unfamiliar to me. Once I make it home I feel like I am safe now in my room and I no longer need to worry, so I decide to smoke a "victory joint". After this things become difficult to explain. The entire fabric of my reality was just torn to shreds. The visuals became me watching my body disintegrate and warp into my bed and everything I touched. I was no longer attached to my body. I have little recollection of what I was doing at this point but I vaguely remember frantically moving objects in my room around at random and possibly smoking a cigarette. I then watch the clock on my computer and time stands still. I watch the seconds tick by at an alarmingly slow rate and then speed up to ridiculously fast before slowing down again. This gives me the impression that time no longer exists, and I conclude that without the passage of time I will never stop tripping. I begin cleaning my room deciding that if I can facilitate the creation of new events I can somehow restart the passage of time. This ends up with me bringing a bag of recycling down to the ground floor where my entire vision becomes divided into quadrants with multiple copies of the same image appearing and melding into one another. Then all of a sudden it is as if time is fast-forwarded and I witness papers disappearing from the bulletin boards and people leaving the building, never to return. I am stuck in this empty place and everyone else has gone. I return to my room and begin to see past experiences, flashbacks, and true open-eye visuals of people I cared about. Many of these events are from my early childhood and very random and insignificant. It is as if my life is flashing before my eyes but not in a linear fashion, like some sort of cosmic algorithm is deciding which events to portray in what order. I also somehow convinced myself that I should be able to see into the future as well, then realized all I saw was my past repeating itself and concluded that the future didn't exist. It was if my life had reached a complete standstill and I would be trapped in this state for eternity. I become so disoriented that all my memories and acquired knowledge suddenly seem to disappear and my mind is a blank white canvas. It seems I will have to relearn everything I once knew one piece at a time, but there are so many stimuli bombarding me that I cannot focus on a chain of thoughts for more than a few seconds. I ended up messaging my buddy on msn who knew I was tripping and told him to come up for a cigarette. He responded and I was relieved initially, then somehow decided that the conversation was not real after he ceased to respond and the clock showed the same time. Eventually he shows up and we start to talk, he convinces me we should get dinner but we cannot find my meal card. Nothing in my room is in its place anymore and as we struggle to find the card we seem to be having the same conversation over and over again, and I am convinced he is an illusion that is part of this alternate universe where time stands still. I continue talking to him, and my statements seem to be coming out of the blue since I cannot attribute any meaning to what I am saying. Eventually he brings in another friend of mine to help look for the card and I begin to realize that their world is operating with an element of time and they may be able to bring me back into reality. We find the card and I go to dinner and being surrounded by tons of people comforts me and pulls me back into reality. I feel as if something very important is missing though, and I frequently zone out into space and the volume of people speaking becomes subdued. I slowly progress back into reality and after a nap and a few drinks I am completely back to normal.

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