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Mushroom Guided Me to Another World

It was my first time.

It was my first time. I started out feeling completely confused. I was feeling the effects, and things didn't make sense. I decided that the probelm was with me. I should stop trying to make sense of things. I should just try to understand things/feelings as they were and just watch. Then it clicked. My confusion was gone and I went into this peaceful blissful state. Eveything was breathing, the wood with vibrating, singing. I could not speak, normally. Sentences were too constructed. I could only speak like a child. I am very visual so it wasn't long before beautiful colors and other visions of reality filled vision. I lay on the bed and totally lost feeling of my body. My eyes were open, but I could not see the room. I was in a beautiful colorful world, I was on an adventure exploring it. A tall mushroom was there. The mushroom was my guide and it beckoned me to follow it through the colors and deeper into this world. But I was with someone else. And I did not want to leave them behind. So I stayed, and started trying to speak with my friend, to bring him into this world. It didn't work. I should have followed the mushroom. My words would create visual patterns. I saw what I always new was there, the world beneath us and beyond us.

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