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Mr. Nitrous

Last saturday night was definitely the craziest night in my life so far.

Last saturday night was definitely the craziest night in my life so far. I went to a rave and did shrooms for the first time at a rave and it was pretty cool. Things got a little out of hand for me when I met Mr. Nitrous though. He kicked my ass. Anyways, here's the story...

I was in one of the rooms dancing, having a good time when a friendly drug dealer named Jeremy walks up and asks me if I would like to purchase a hit of nitrous. He tells me its $2 a hit or 2 for $3. At first I say no thanks, but then reconsider and decide to buy one hit. Up to this point I had done nitrous only one other time and that was at a friend's house in town. It was by far nothing in comparison.

Anyways, I hand Jeremy the money, he prepares the balloon, I take a hit, its fuckin awesome, end of story. Wrong. I decide that I want to take another hit but this time 2 in 1. This means 2 hits of nitrous in one balloon. So I give Jeremy $3 and prepare for my unknown demise. Things get crazy here on out.

I only took about 2 or 3 inhales of the balloon before it happened. It being a transition into another world. The nitrous intensified the shrooms a 100X cause I had the biggest hallucination I think I will ever experience.

This other world I'm talking about was a far stretch from reality. In reality I was kneeling down on one side of the room not close to too many people taking a hit of nitrous. In the new reality I experienced, I was in the middle of the dance floor trippings balls. I visioned that I was in the middle of the room on my hands and knees turning in circles and seeing the whole room rotate around me. I saw lots of people crowded in a circle all around me saying shit like "You're trippin, you're trippin!" and then I would reply "No I'm not, No I'm not!" Then other people would say different things. I saw the faces of people that weren't even at the rave. Like people I know from home. And all these people I saw were purposefully trying to trip me out as I was spinning in circles. And all the while I'm spinning, I keep laughing outloud the craziest laugh I've ever heard. A very trippy laugh. Then after spinning for a long time and actually feeling like I was going to throw up, I hear my friends voice talking to me but I can't see him. He is saying "Dude you're ok, just get up. Put your shoe back on." He keeps repeating this over and over again til I finally open my eyes in the real world.

I then open my eyes and find myself kneeling with the cracker and balloon in my hand, drool on my cheek, and Jeremy kneeling right in front of me saying "Dude, its alright. You're fine."

After sitting there for a couple of minutes literally in awe of the whole experience, I finally come to my senses and ask "Dude, was I just sitting there for like an hour?"
He then replied "No, it was only like 30 seconds" I totally rejected his reply and demanded that at least 30 minutes had gone by. While in my alternate world, it felt like I was spinning forever when in actual reality, only a small fraction of time had gone by.

I then continued to sit there in total and complete shock for at least 10 minutes. I then again came to my senses, thanked Jeremy, and proceeded elsewhere.

I have to say that with the help of Mr. Nitrous, I experienced the true meaning of a changed reality. For those 30 seconds, all my senses were telling me that I truly was in the middle of the floor tripping out. I don't think I will ever forget this night.

If anyone else out there has had a similar experience or just a really trippy mad hallucination, please email me at psilocyb@pacbell.net

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