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Mr Hexagon Head

I picked a warm day for what would be my largest shroom trip.

I picked a warm day for what would be my largest shroom trip. I'd had an experience with a large dose of LSD last year and wanted to have a powerful shroom experience. I ingested about 140 blended P.Semilanceatas mixed with orange juice around 1:00am. I decided that on this kind of dose I wouldn't leave my house and had some trippy music lined up. I never like the waiting during the first half hour following ingestion and was relieved when I felt the warmth flood over me. I got comfortable and watched this fractal poster on my bedroom ceiling. My eyes started to wander from the poster and the patterns on the roof were breaking and re-forming like a jigsaw. I found I had difficulty in concentrating and the walls were "breathing" heavily. It was a very quick "1st bardo" (using the Leary term). After only 10 minutes following the increase in intensity of the objects in my room, I was departing from reality. I relaxed my mind and felt a little nervous. Ego death was approaching. I glanced at the clock and notice it was 2:15. I turned on the music which didn't sound as I had expected. It was as if it had shifted onto a new level. It seemed perfectly clear. My curtains were morphing into the walls and my bed was like an endless sea of motion After this I had no sense of time or space. My mind was in a dreamlike state and a million thoughts raced through my head. I would see something, understand it perfectly then it would go but it did not matter. Thoughts and voices meandered directionless.

At some point I opened my eyes and could see nothing vaguely familiar. The sky above my house was displaying vivid exploding rainbows and everything was as one. My being was lost in ecstatic power. I could feel as if I was being dragged back in time to the moment of creation, something was inciting me across the universe. I never at any point tried to cling to my mind or fight the hallucinations. I just let them flow by. My former being had been lost, seconds seemed like lifetimes and my life was only a distant flickering memory which I doubted was real.

The dancing shapes which often appear, came and went but one vision, one of the few I remember was a pink hexagon shaped head which would fly across the night sky and speak to me, but it didn't speak with a voice. It's hard to explain. It's as if it is the trip. It says it is going but will return. It is not daunting and seemed to be on my side. (In my earlier trips it seemed like no one was on my side).

My senses were intermixing making any form of navigation impossible. I new getting up at this point would be a bad idea as the shroom plays tricks with your sanity. Past memories and dreams came to life. I relived a dream where I was on a purple bus with some friends but Psilocybin soon took it to a new level. The bus was now sailing with just me aboard. The void was all which surrounded this bus. I was too far gone at this stage to even question whether this was out of the ordinary.

As the trip began to subside, my mind was jumping in and out of reality. This was undoubtably the strangest experience of my life. One second I was on a purple bus sailing the cosmos and then I'm on my bed staring at a cupboard. For a few seconds there was nothing. Only the vision. I was awake yet unconscious. I could not find my true existance. Eventually I returned to normal and felt enlightened at what had happened. I was still experiencing illusions. I noticed a star which was bright green and was orbiting my house but I had my mind back again. It was about 7:30pm when the last of the illusions came to an end. I new I would never fully understand what had happened but it did alter my perception of importance. After feeling the power of the trip I know I will one day wish to return and dance with Mr Hexagon Head.

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