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Most intense scariest best trip ever

I've tripped on shrooms many times before this but i've always had a problem eating enough shrooms to trip as hard as i want to.

I've tripped on shrooms many times before this but i've always had a problem eating enough shrooms to trip as hard as i want to. I've always eaten my shrooms fresh which is very nasty, but this time i borrowed a dehydrator from a friend. I picked a gallon bag full of shrooms but after dehydrating them they fit in a quart size bag packed full. So i show up at my friend Pat's apartment and we immediately begin digging into the shrooms. It was so easy to eat them dehydrated they had very little taste at all. While we were eating them we smoked a blunt to help the trip come on and continued eating them. We ended up smoking another blunt and had just about knocked out the whole bag of shrooms. We decided to put kill bill in and watch it while tripping. The trip got strong fast i had never ate that many shrooms before i was really enjoying the euphoria. The sofa was so comfortable at this point and we had all the lights out so the hallucinations would be stronger. As the trip progressed Pat decided he needed to wash his hands for some strange reason and after putting soap on his hands he realized the water was shut off we checked the kitchen too it was also off we left the faucets open all the way and went back to the movie. A short time later the water comes back on and we turn it off in the kitchen forgetting that its still on in the bathroom and go back to the movie again by this time the trip is getting really intense. About 30 minutes pass and Pat hears water running and goes to find his bathroom flooded he called me in there and the first thing i do is step in the puddle in my socks so we just said screw it we will do something about it later. As i start approaching the peak of the trip i start becoming unable to communicate with pat. my thoughts echoed through my head i would say something every now then only to wonder if i actually said something or if it was just another thought running through my head. Every time Pat said something to me his voice echoed in my head like it was one of my thoughts. During this time i start realizing what speech was. It was nothing but words to express your thoughts, ideas, what you are thinking to another person. Everytime Pat said something it was like i could feel what he was thinking. The hallucinations were out of this world i felt like the room shrunk and turned cartoon like. It felt like we were floating off in space on the sofas and colors in the room kept changing with the tv. I felt like i was in another world. Then my roommate shows up to see how we were doing he knew we were going to trip that day. He kinda brought us back to reality a little but my trip was still really intense i wasn't coming down at all. I grabbed a blanket from Pat's room and laid on the floor feeling crappy. The trip started going a little bad here i had regained ability to communicate when my roommate showed up but i as i was lying on the floor i kept imagining i was dying i tried to sleep which is pretty much impossible but as i had my eyes closed i saw visions of heaven and hell. I was scared to death i was dying i thought i was going to stop breathing or my heart was going to stop. I kept saying i felt sick and i needed to puke to my roommate but i could never bring myself to do it i kinda figured i was already dead anyway. I got to the point where i wasnt scared of dying anymore but i was scared i wouldn't get into heaven and i didnt want to spend an eternity in hell. While i was in this state i kept asking God to forgive me for everything i'd done wrong in my life. I told myself how stupid it was of me doing shrooms that it was a horrible drug to make feel so horrible. Somehow i came out of it and made it to the flooded bathroom and puked, and i've got to say puking has never felt so good. I came down almost immediately after puking. I was still tripping really hard but i could handle it now i felt great. Now that i knew i wasn't dying life felt great. I regreted ever thinking shrooms were a horrible drug. I can't really even begin to explain how great i felt despite how scared i was earlier. Before the trip i had felt so stressed out from school and other things all that was pointless after seeing death. I realized that i had to get that scared and freaked out to feel so great about life again. I felt reborn i guess you could say it was so amazing. I also remembered previous trips where i felt really good about life and reminissed on them but none of those compared to that night. I realize now that i had let all the stresses of life get to me and make me forget how great life really is and it took a look at death to for me to see that. Despite how scary it was i wouldnt trade the experience for anything.

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