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Morphed into the World and Possibly moved water?

It was about 6pm on a sunny and beautiful May afternoon.

It was about 6pm on a sunny and beautiful May afternoon. My friend and I took about 1/8 of mushrooms each, not knowing how potent they were or how intense our experience would be.

We drove to our favorite place, called Diana's pool in Connecticut which is a lovely wooded area with a river and tall pines opening up into a gourge. The trip began as usual, about 30 minutes in things began to turn different colors, and the giggles kicked in. We found ourselves a beautiful spot beneath a few tall pines that had a bed of soft needles all around.

I don't remember the details, but I first realized this was going to be intense when I started thinking to about everyone I knew, and having this immense connection to them, especially those I was closest to. I was able to immediately think of people I knew and could tell if they "get it" (as in life) or they don't. It was quite an enlightening eperience.

But as the trip went on, my friend and I began to feel ourselves as part of the universe. We layed down on the ground, and felt the gravitational pull of the earth against our bodies. It literally felt like we were hanging off the edge of the Earth, as tiny objects just clinging by the immense pull.

The sun was setting, and the temperature was cooling off, and as time passed, I felt myself falling closer and closer to earth, until I could no longer distinguish my arms, my legs, or even my face from the ground. I was no longer cold, and had no sense of any bodily desires, movements, or functions. I was literally one with the earth. We stayed like that for quite some time because when we came out of it, it was completely dark, and rain had begun to fall.

Looking back, I realize what a unique experience it was, and really reinforced how connected we all are. I had no idea what level it was, but after reading your descriptions, it was without a doubt a level 5.

I had another experience previous to this one that was just as powerful but in a much different way. I was in a large town house I had rented with a bunch of friends. The building itself was immense, with exposed brick, and hard wood floors. It was old, but you could tell (even without the shrooms), it had a lot of energy in it.

The trip overall seemed to be pretty uneventful, but again, I seemed completely tuned into everyone and everything. My friend and I spent a lot of time examining hte angles of the door ways, and how the stairs were suspended. It really made me look at how physics works, and how humans create spaces that fit them.

During the time though, I began to feel and overwhelming need to focus my energy on a particular subject or object. After awhile, it seemed liek I would be able to move that object if I tried hard enough. Obviously it didn't work.

As the night wore on, and I began my soft landing down from shrooms, we decided to wash up for bed. The bathroom we were in was at the base of a staircase, and on the most popular floor in the house. I twas probably about 2am and almost no one was up. My friend was washing her face, and splashing water all over the sink and creating little pools overspill.

I can't remember exactly what I was doing, but I remember looking down and feeling liek I could move objects again, this time it was the water. So I tried. I concentrated very hard on my hand and slowly began to shift my hand. To my disbelief, the water droplets were not in perfect form with the crest of the droplet at its peak in the center. They now were sort of leaned toward my hand and inching ever so slowly. I thought I was hallucinating, so I called to my friend. She looked up, and I said "Look at the water", and in an instant I saw her eyes widen, look up at me in disbelief, and in that moment I knew I was not hallucinating at all. Obviously, I had no idea what to do. I just started crying with joy and disbelief.

And I felt exhausted.

To this day, I am very certain that I actually did move water. But of the few people I have chosen to share this story with, only about half believe me, and half think it was the shrooms. And it could have been. But it was far beyond the peak of the trip, and I did not feel like I was hallucinating any longer.

If anyone has any comments about this, I would really like to hear. The release of the newest study from John Hopkins reinspired me to scourge the internet to see if anyone has had a similar experience. So far nothing yet!

Cheers to you all.

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