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Monsters around me

Me and some of my friends had about a half ounce of dried Psilocybe cubensis , recently dried/cultivated.

Me and some of my friends had about a half ounce of dried Psilocybe cubensis , recently dried/cultivated... We were in my room, I was under the sheets in my bed...

I was lying down in my bed watching tv when all of a sudden I was in the television show ("Three's Company")... I was talking to Jack, what he said became symbolic to my reason for living. As quickly as I was in the TV i was back in my bed. Then the sheets were over me (but not my head). The sheets turned into a monster that was just HUGE. I knew that this wasn't good... The monster opened its mouth, me being half way in it, and chomped down... I took a voyage through the monster's internal body, through its intestines and blood stream... I heard a voice say "it's not real, get past it"... It was my guide... The monster then seemed to disinigrate into the backround of my room in a type of "funnel"... I had the extreme urge to go outside and sit under a tree... We went out and did so. Before I sat down the tree "fell over" crashing on the ground... I looked at the fallen tree and said to myself "yes, that is because I missed work last week..." It made so much sense to me that this was the reason that the tree fell that it made me laugh... I then went back into my house and watched the television trying to get into it again... It didn't work, then the effects of the shrooms started to ease down and we just sat there hoping that something more would happen. It didn't, but we always had the journey to remember...

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