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Help Me

I took the kebenzies around 6:00 last year to this date.

I took the kebenzies around 6:00 last year to this date. I was with three friends and we walked down to a local park where everybody drinks and smokes. On the way there the buzz began. It was my first time and I didnt know what to expect. We made our way to the park and everything was cool. The trip hadent really started but I still didnt have complete controll. We saw all of our friends at the park and I sat in my friends car. This is where it began. I had to be home at 12:00 and it was about 7:00. I looked out side and all the sudden the moon came out (it wasnt really there of course, the sun was still high in the sky). Then the sky turned into a mix of night and day, it was weird. As I looked at cars pulling up, they began to strech in strange ways and I couldnt belive it. Then I started to get sweaty and restless. A flash of nausea came to my stomach but it quickly flashed by. I got out of the car and I kept looking at my watch. The time stood still for what seemed to be an hour ( which I think was really only two seconds). I went around and asked everyone what time it was guessing that there whatches would inevitably contain the true time. Then we started driving, everything turned purple and disorented. Then my vision started becoming circlular our rounded. I just then started really tripping. We went in my friends house to start this party. So I got on his couch and turned on the Sega channel. By now the room seemed as though it was closing in on me but I wasnt really freaked out yet. I started to play tennis (the videogame) and the controlls werent working for me and the players were moving in directions that arent really humanly possible. Frustrated, I turned the games off and layed my head down. Then I went into a deep sleep but I was still contious of voices around me. Then my heart beat started to get slower and slower until I swear it stoped. But then right away it came back I though for sure I was going to die. Then I woke up and everything was cloudy there were people sitting on all sides of me just talking away. I really didnt know what was going on but somehow I managed to get about three girls numbers. I started to strech and it seemed as though my legs went on forever then I stood up and went on the porch to have a cigarette. Smoking is a whole new thing when your shrooming. I saw faces and things in the smoke it was scary. Now the trip was calm and soothing. I felt like a new vitality had been instilled in my body. It was a great experience, I rarley do shrooms to keep the intensity level and excitement strong. Thanks for listening

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