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I was drunk and chilling over my Mexican friend's house.

I was drunk and chilling over my Mexican friend's house. We both were tore down off some beer and liquer. I yanked out two joins and surpized him. We smoked and got fancy happy..He then ripped out some shrooms that I gave him a long time ago. There were 4 nice sized cubies that I grew myself. He ate and ate. I chilled and was too stoned/drunk to realize anything. He continued to gobble shrooms. I walked out onto his deck and got lost! it was a 10 by 10 space and I could find the padio door!! I finally found the way back in and notice that Mexican was looking strange. He said the shrooms were kicking in alittle because his belly was empty. I rolled one more joint and figured that It would put me far far far away....YEP I was G.O.N.E.
We watched the movie MAFIA (one of those naked gun types of movies). We were fucked up bad. I kept watching the movie and Mexican started freaking out. First he asked for more weed, I told him I smoked the last one and he flipped! then he accused me of trying to kill him. DUDES, he ran in the kitchen and got a knife and started towards me. I knew he was serious!! I started diggin up my nose and grabbing my nuts to get him to realize that I was not of danger to him. He dropped the knife and sat at the table. I asked him was he ok, and he threw his beer at me. I was already higher that the hubble telescope at that point. I laid on the floor and stared at the celing. 10 min later, Mexican jumped up and said: OH MY GOD! WHAT HAVE I DONE!! I guess he thought he stabbed me. he ran over to me and helped me up. I told him to calm down. He went and sat back at the table. Later, after the movie stopped, I noticed Mexican dissapeared. I went to his room and found him in a fetal position holding a knife. He looked up and said: OH NO!! A BIG PIPE HITTIN NIGGER BROKE INTO MY HOUSE TRYING TO STEAL MY SHIT!! He lunged at me and REALLT tried to poke me!! BOY at times when you think you are the most fucked up off of drugs,certian things can get sober QUICK! I dodged the poke and only too a little slice on my side (not too bad). I maneged to reach for the lights and find him all scared looking and shakey. I wanted to freak out but I was so high it was like I almost expected all this to happen. I even accepted it. I was scaring myself. I noticed my blood on the floor and on my clothes. I left the room and blocked the door with a book case so Mexican couldnt get out. I cleaned myself up and fixed the cut.(ouch) I went back downstairs to see how mexican was doing...He was beggining to come back to reality. After the whole incident, he decided that shrooms and all kinds of drugs mixed together wad BAD..


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