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Me and one of my freinds ate 35 shrooms one night.

Me and one of my freinds ate 35 shrooms one night. I have tripped before but never have eaten this many. At first it was very mdma like up until after about 30-45 minutes when it got really bad. My freind and I had to leave the location where we had first eaten the shrooms and were forced to walk through a ghetto part of town. Well at this point I was felling a weird tightness in my stomach and felling like I was being pulled into the gates of hell while catching horriable visons of cop cars and little cloud men. I also felt like I no longer had any form to my body and my brain could no longer hold a postive thought for longer than 30 seconds. merging faces melted into each other.When I returned home I immediatly began to drink a huge glass of water that made noises that echoed in my brain while laying in a fetal position in my darkend room hoping for no one to stop by.Thoughts of god and the furthre continuation of drug use clutterd my racing thoughts. Before I knew it was over. I would not recomend doing the same. If you do decide to, keep water and positive thoughts in your soul.

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