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mind control

so i was gettin stoned with my brother and his friends and they asked if i wanted to get a ticket to another world and im stoned so im like uh yea sure dude.

so i was gettin stoned with my brother and his friends and they asked if i wanted to get a ticket to another world and im stoned so im like uh yea sure dude. So i eat 1/8 of shrooms and im not feelin anything at all and we keep gettin more stoned cause my buddy mark had like 2 oz on him so yea.. anyways we go into my bros room where he as an oz of mushrooms and he told me to eat away so i start eatin em and puttin them into tacos and eatin em by now its been like 2 hrs since the first 1/8 and my bro tells me to slow down on the eatin and i look up at him and his face looks like its melting and im like alright pretty normal for shrooms then he tells me hes like dude u ate enough shroom sto equal 2 drops of acid man im like o well so i go sit in the living room and get sucked into this chair and i cant get up like my body got stuck and then they were watching some movie and a portal opened up it had green plue and red swirls and it looked just like a worm hole so i was like sweet, then i hear someone say hey really loud and so i take my eyes off of the worm hole and i look back to see who said it and i freak out and pull my head forward cause i cant get out my brother is standing behind me just staring at me and he isnt sayin anything and i dont say anything but im thinkin about askin him to go get me a drink so he turns around and goes into the kitchen and gets me a glass mtn. dew and so im like wtf and he goes here go man just what u asked for and im like whoa how the fuck and so i just start glancin around the room and i can see like beers morphin into shrooms and from here on i dont recognize anything everything is exactly what i want it to be. i think in my head what i want some one to do and they would do it right there with out question then all of a sudden the house shakes and im ahh and i start to see another portal open and this time its no worm hole its like a black hole i get sucked thru this hole and travel thru space in the middle of the living room and i see like famous ppl thru out human history. like bob marley and abraham licoln and shit like that so then i take a look around me and i see that im like in blue differant type of world like everything is blue and i cant tell what evrything actually is. like there objects but like i cant describe what the are... anyways there were blue tall shrooms like trees that i walk by and i grab them and walk by and i find a blue weed field just full of dank weed as far as the eye could see but me being the stoner i am i pick a bud off and smoke it in some imaginary pipe i had. and just as i was finishing the bowl another black hoe opens and i get sucked thru and i get launched back in the same room i was before but its like i never left everything is the same but every body passed out it looks like there are dead bodies everywhere. after that i decide mind over matter and tell my self to fall asleep but i had a dream trip that will be saved for another trip story.

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