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mind altering substances

Ever since I was little, I have found interest in the movies that involve sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

Ever since I was little, I have found interest in the movies that involve sex, drugs, and rock and roll. I could never explain why, but I was always intrigued and curious to be honest on how these drugs worked, why the worked, and how they made you feel.
I started out like most kids, huffing gas on occasion with the buddies. Yes this story is about mushrooms, but i must get to that first. I remember one day my friend and I went to the shed to huff a little gas. It was his first time and he loved it. I had my first trip that day, i was sitting on a wagon as he sat on the lawn mower, and all i remember was sitting there with the gas can to my nose and huffing the shit out of it. The next thing that happened was the best shit ever... i dazed into a different world... everything was pixelated like in super mario brothers. It looked kinda like the scene in Duck Hunt for nintendo. Just then i shit you not mario appeared out of nowhere with a watermelon. He walked to me and dropped the thing on my foot. Just then I woke out of my daze and i had dropped the gas can on my foot. I was completely freaked out but as i said earlier, still curious.
I graduated to pot smoking several years later around the age 14. Those were the days... gotta stay high. I no longer did gas anymore (even though i did it no more than 20 times) but now i found a better, more long-lasting high. I often found myself breaking out a blunt or two and putting it in a line and would smoke bowls until it was gone. The greatest buzz i got was smoking until that black-out sensation arose where everything fades to black and sounds become distorted, but it feels oh so good. I always had told myself eversince i graduated to weed that it wouldnt go no further, but i always found myself saying... Ok, i'll try THIS maybe once, but thats it. Well i wont tell you all the other things of done, but i will tell you now about the first time I came across my mushroom buddies...

...me and a friend went to nelson ledges to the quarry (for all my ohioan hippies i give a shout out!). Well for those that havent experienced the Quarry, it is a lake to swim in formed by cliffs and shit. Concerts are often held there and almost every friday you can find any kind of drug you want there, admission:5 dollars to swim and 8 dollars to camp. Well anywho... me and my pal bought a quarter and got hooked up with a generous 9 grams of totally awesome cubensis. We enjoyed our stay at the quarry and swam a little bit til we headed back home to take our shrooooooomz. I had the most life-changing experience of my life. I had either a dream or some kind of outer body experience, but i took my half, and an hour or so later i found myself mind-boggled and blown off my rocker. I had a dream that i honestly wish i could write a lengthy novel about, but im too lazy, so ill write it here and maybe give you writers an idea.

MY TRIP: I was geekin and laughin for the longest time, then all of a sudden i found myself waking up out of a trance, but in that trance i had a dream of a lifetime. In my dream, I remember starting out on this complex starship with all these little green and blue lights, all of which had no significance to me. I was a green alien, kinda resembling the evil aliens in galaxy quest (if you've actually seen this movie, you know what im talking about... rent it when you take shrooms, its a guaranteed laugh). Everyone on the ship looked this way. I made my way through the main door toward the "deck" with the pilot and other people pushing buttons. I sat down in a cool lookin space chair and looked at the captain. He told me we would be approaching the designated planet in 15 minutes (although he didnt say minutes, he used some other term my mind dreamt up but i interpreted it as 15 minutes.) "Captain, what shall we do?" I asked. He replied and told me to be ready for anything because reports have it that this planet is a very hostile one. I was the gunner, and I prepared all the lasers and cannons and guns that we had. Now mind you, I was on an alien ship with all these weird buttons and a different language, but somehow I was understanding everything. About 10 minutes have passed and we warped through a "black hole" and the planet now became visible. We coasted ever so slowly toward the planet when we saw missles being launched from the ground. The pilot dodged every one of them with our cutting edge alien technology, just as i asked the captain... SHALL WE RETURN FIRE... as he replied... FIRE AT WILL! With the push of a button I fired what had seemed like a laser light show at the planet, as it exploded and just then our ship and everything and everyone on it dissapeared and i went into a narrarator/ subconscious reality where i then realized... (to make this short) i and the alien race had evolved through time from humans. When we went through the black hole, we somehow went back in time. When we destroyed the planet, which happened to be earth, we also killed ourselves. And before I could ponder anymore I was snapped back into reality when my friend was poking me in the arm. I asked him how long have I been dreaming... and he said something that freaked me out... He said... "What are you talking about... we sat down like half a minute ago." Time had stopped in what had seemed like an eternity.

I cant say I have been the same since, I have been perceiving things differently. Sometimes i think that i only exist as a "conscious" and that everything that seems real is just something my conscious is projecting to me. Everybody i have ever interacted with is just a figment of my imagination that my conscious is manifesting. Have you ever thought about how "atoms" can eventually form "cells" which eventually form "tissue" which eventually form the very body? How can atoms and cells configure a consciousness? It just doesn't make sense. All mathematical formulae and all the scientifical explanations are just ingenious things thought of by.... ME!

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