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A couple of years back I decided to travel across country to find myself and understand the happenings of reality.

A couple of years back I decided to travel across country to find myself and understand the happenings of reality. Two beautiful women who I had known for sometime accompanied me.
If you are reading this because you want to read something crazy then stop reading here. I am about to tell a story of spiritual enlightenment.
It was a south bound trip past cancun mexico. We drove and had to stop at the Mexico DMV for a liscense tag. Anyway we followed the beach maybe 45 miles south of cancun.I was not interested in that place. I was convinced that if the devil would come to earth he would live in cancun. We stoped near Moabma. I cannot describe the beauty and peace I felt. I met a man there and asked him to enlighten me upon the native cultures of the land. He took me to an Indian statue. I said to the man let me be. In front of the statue grew mushrooms yellow and brown. I deducted that those could be either azurescens and cyanescens or mexicana and the deadly gym. I meditated and asked the earth for guidance. I decided I would eat the yellow mushrooms and leave the brown in respect for the earth. Also I didnt want to take a chance, if that may be the deadly gym. As I ate I felt an unstoppable "addiction" and consumed all yellow shrooms.
As everyone knows a trip is a different state of consciousness and the body must adapt. Either you have hysteria or anxiety or nothing happens. I began to laugh hysterically and wandered back along the path that led to that place. I met my guide and thanked him hysterically for the peace in which he had shrown me. Then I gazed out over the ocean with one thought in mind: I must fly over the seas. So I sat just before the lapping waves and began meditation again, sychronizing my breath with the waves. For a half hour I set in waiting with my eyes closed. Then I knew and my soul left body and I could see. And I flew across the water at unreal speeds. Fealing no resistance from the wind. I was one with the earth and reality as well as its multiple demensions. In my out of body experience I came to a land with lush foliage and indigenous persons inhabiting. I was one with them as well. Noe I could feal the waves hitting my legs and my bodily eyelids were opened.
I was enlightened.
That is my story and I have never been the same since.

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