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Melting from Reality


Hi. Recently my friends and I, (5 of us to be exact) came across some very yummy looking Psilocybin cubensis mushrooms, and decided that we would do them that night. Well, night came and around 10 we each ingested about 4-5 grams. In our group we had 2 experienced trippers (one being myself), and 3 newbies. We all made a group decision to walk to this corn field that was near (about a 20 minute walk) from my house. We began our walk and got about halfway when one of the group said he was begining to hallucinate already. He had a bad mind set going into this, he had the flu, and figured there was a chance he might be sick. He is the other experienced tripper, and I would have thought that he would have expressed these feelings to us before he ate them, but he didn't, and very soon he was very sick.(for all newbies, this is a bad idea if there is ever a doubt in your mind, don't do it.) His stop lasted about 5 minutes and once he had fully relieved himself and we carried on. We began to walk thru a heavily wooded area in the pitch blackness, with only our senses as our guide. This is where I began my journey. It started out with these trees that were overhead, they began to radiate a sort of wave like energy, and it looked like see through vines floating in the air. all five of us experienced this, as at this point we could all 'communicate' our feelings to each other. When we got out to the road, My friend who was sick before, felt sick again. This time we convinced him that he was convincing himself to be sick, and we talked about other stuff, I gave him some gatorade and we all began walking again. we were getting close to the field now, and we all felt quite high. we walked a bit more, tuned a corner, and another five minutes we were staring out over the corn field. One friend says "how do we get in?". I say "we have to climb through that 10 foot deep ditch". We all talked a bit and decided it was best we go back to my house and get the movie The Wall out of the car and begin watching it. so we start back. I now am begining to see things, I feel as if my eyes are completely bugged, wide open, my toes and legs are begining to numb. I turn around to look at the four others. my vision fuzzes and I see four black blobs with no faces. I begin to think I took too much. No, thats not what I want to think, I want to think positive. One of my friends asks "Hey how many times have you guys done these before?" with a certain tone in his voice. I answer "quite a few." I take another drink and this time I see a little figure sitting on the cap when I go to open it. I open it and spill some on my fingers. I feel the liquid running down my hands, I look at my hand, and it looks like my skin is melting....I reason that this is a hallucination, and I realize it is gatorade. I try to wipe it on my pants, but my fingers feel like they are melting on my jeans, and when I pull them away they string like hot cheese from pizza. At this time I realized that it was affecting my nerves, and that they were extremely powerful, and I was only 40 minutes into it...I began to hear echos when my friends talked, and also it sounded very repetetive sometimes, like Heyeyey, did id did you hear about hear about this is isis... I was getting extremely anxious and wanted to get to my house very quickly. I began to walk faster, as did the others. a car came, high beams blaring us, we all run like animals, into the bushes, someone yells out hide from the light.... I look up at my friend who followed my path. I can see no color in his eyes. his gaze meets mine at the same time, and he looks shocked. he begins to say "you have no color in" I finish "my eyes, I know." the car passses. he replies "I feel so primal" and he begins his way back to the road on his hands and knees. We soon came to the trail again but realized it was a bad idea to try and find our way in the forest, hell, I had done this walk hundreds of times from school, and I have been in almost every state of intoxication on some nights coming from parties, but never like this, it was like I was lost on the road. I was losing motor skill, and it ws hard to determine what was real and what was not. my legs were gone, and it felt like I hobbled on two thin stumps. I stomped my feet as hard as I could but I could feel nothing. we began to walk up a huge hill, the alternative to the trail. we drank all the juice before, so we all began to sweat like crazy, it was like someone turned on a tap. It began to feel to me that we were walking backwards, when we were walking forwards. everything was animating, or looking very starnge, my hearing was extremely strange, I was hearing voices that weren't there, I heard my friends talking and they weren't. we got to the top and fatgiue was at the top of my list, and we had 4 more hills to climb. I sat down, and began to hallucinate harshly. the road began to move like a wave, and I could see alll these colors floating in the air. I got tracers off of eerything, any movement, any movement of my head. We began to walk again. eventually we get close to my house, and we go to get the movie. we open the car and all sit down. we are all silent for a second then we ll sit up and say lets go inside. We go inside and therein my insanity begins. I lay down on my pillow, staring at a Nirvana In Utero poster. The angel comes alive and begins to float towards me. I am the guardian angel she says. I hide my face in the pillow. I am sweating so much. I see all kinds of pictures in my childhood, I experience pain from old injuries, and replay in my mind what happened. I open my eyes. all my friends are crashed all around, all vegetating, no one able to speak, no color in anyones eyes.I close my eyes for a finaltime and fall into the Word Maze.....
Imagine every word you ever knew, or thought of, all runing thru your mind. there is a sentence you need to say. you're lost, you can't get back to the real world. I try, I try so hard,but when I open my eyes, all I see is the same image, and it just flashes over and over, I close them again. I am trapped. my mind tells me I am trapped. there are others here as well, I call out to them. how many of us are there? what are we doing? why are we here? who are you? then I see a friend. I call out Help I'm trapped, I begin to get very irritated at this point. I begin to strike myself saying get out I want you out I want out I'm trapped, I can't get out, I bash my head on the wall, and on the speaker, then get wedged between the bed and speaker. I flop helplessly for aboiut 5 minutes, then I reach up and rip at the speaker tearing it open. it squishes in my hand and it feels extraordinary. I stand up, and I see a picture. I touch it, wanting to be it. I melt into the picture. but no, I'm trapped in the word maze again.it was a trick. I thought I escaped but it trapped me again, words flashing thru my mind, red yellow green purple orange orange orange orange red red red red yellow why you how come this is going on who are you whats why is this why why why why...pass out....dream phase...many different iamges uncontrolable movements, flashbacks of good and bad past scenes, almost like I was watching it happen in the flesh....slowly I came out of it my room was fine, and everybody was lounging. everyones trip was over, and we all sat around talking about it. two of the others had the same thing as me, they had the fear at first, of too much, then the same pattern, word maze kinda deal, one passed out way before me, but no uncontrolable motions. The other 2 had very visual trips, sat in my room (My walls are decorated with eye candy and cool stuff) tripping on my walls.
hope you like you may not think this is that intense, you rate it, but my experience was a five no doubt to me...

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