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Meeting With Death

Every month for the past three years I take a trip to the other side.

Every month for the past three years I take a trip to the other side. This was my second level five trip. Three of us decided to take this voyage, we had a fourth person to watch us. It all began...
We sat at the table we measured about eight grams for each of us, we got a glass of orange juice mixed in the powder and drank this concoction. We sat at the table and talked about our day.We went in the living room to get more comfy the lights were low the surroundings were set. I began to feel the shrooms taking effect, I figured it was best if I lied down on the floor I got a pillow and hit the floor. I felt my body serging with energy my mind was working overtime racing with thoughts I coundn't grasp a single thought.
For some reason my friends were going outside are watcher was following them which was a good idea. I was alone lying on the floor I realized my reality had changed. A huge black entity hung over me. This thing grabbed me and through me into a chair the room was black I could feel its icy cold hand at the back of my neck. I started to nervous this voice from nowhere said"WATCH"! I watched the fabric of time unravel before my eyes it stopped at a time in my life that I thought I had forgotten. I watched me as a small child playing with my dads zippo lighter I was in my old bedroom in this apartment I once lived in. I was lighting a candle and some hot wax dripped onto my hand I dropped the zippo and the candle and ran from the room to the adjacent bathroom. I could remember the pain as he removed the wax from his hand. I returned to my bedroom that was now engulfed by flames I panicked I ran out of the apartment and down the stairs I could smell smoke now. The boy pulled the fire alarm just as I did 14 years ago. He ran outside and was memorized by the flames coming from the second story window. People where running and screaming from the building this entity grabbed me and through me into this burning building I cringed I felt the heat from th flames I could smell the stench of bodies burning I opened my eyes to these bodies burning all around me. They were holding their arms out to me begging for help. I tried to run but this entity held me down I could hear my friends in the distance laughing I tried to scream but it was like death ripped the words from my mouth. By now I was freaking out. My body was shaking I was sweating alot. This entity pulled me to my feet I had tears running down my face I was horified it flung me back to this chair. The fabric of time sealed itself as a door opened to my left a figure approached me I prayed that it was my friends coming to rescue me. It was a strange looking entity a dark and evil image that stood before me it spoke to me in some strange language. It turned and left the room this other entity placed its hand upon me and told me death will no longer visit you! All I could hear was the door closing it was my friends. I realized that I could move again I could talk again I was free from this entity I stood up and went outside to get a breath of fresh air I returned to my friends which were talking about their adventure outside. We all were coming down thank god, I thought. To this day I never experienced anything like that tripping I paid for my sins so if you have skeletons in your closet get them out before you take a-level five it can get a little too real.

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