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Meeting the Goddess.

I was with a friend and we were at her house.

I was with a friend and we were at her house. she has an awesome house with lots of beautiful things. like big green plants and nice windows and things like that. I was eager to take ‘shrooms. we each had about 7 or 8 grams of some Psilocybe cubensis . I don’t really know. probably too much for my first time but she said id be OK. she made them in a blender with juice and I drank it. it was kinda gross. I was getting a small stomach ache but I kept it all down. This was all at about 11 or so. don’t ask why we did it early. *L*

anyway about 25 minutes or so we finally started tripping a little. My hands got all clammy of course and I just sat on the couch for a while, thinking it was sliding around on the floor. and then pretty soon I needed to go pee. I was afraid I would fall if I jumped off the couch cos it was sliding still so I jumped off carefully. so I went to the bathroom and started peeing but the tank on the toilet started scolding me about my vagina, saying it was bad and things like that. I shouldn’t let anyone see it. it was kinda mean and a woman's face was on it. I got irritated and started yelling at it and left the bathroom.
Sandra was in the living room and was sitting at the table and mumbling to herself. she was saying something like "this is so beautiful" and "I am gonna go blind tonight"
and shit like that.
I left and I wanted to go outside. I felt very happy and like everything that happened to me was a good thing, and I could make anything in my life go well for me. I walked outside and saw a hoard of green smurfs or something outside. they were angry with me and yelled at me to stay away from their goddess. I said, "I can see your god damn goddess if I wanna!" and telling them to stop restricting me.
so the started getting mean and I got scared. suddenly I was spitting fiery flames at them but they only fell at their feet and I was still scared and started to panic. then a voice behind me told me that they were so small, I could stamp them out.
so I got all excited and started stomping on all these little green men-things.
then I was happy again. I felt my heart was turning into a blooming flower. I felt like I had acquired infinite wisdom. I felt like I was spinning very very fast all over the world, but it was a delicious feeling.
I saw the goddess sitting on the rock and she was beautiful. Glowing and her skin was just vibrating with radiance. she was whispering and I took this as a message to come to her.
I did and she was holding me and suddenly it felt like the earth was breathing in a very caring manner.
she told me I was an infinitely beautiful being and she wanted to make love to me. I agreed eagerly.
I felt her embrace me and time all stopped and I understood somehow that it never existed. then the earth shook with more ...I dunno...ummph I suppose, and I had an incredible orgasm.
I saw her turn black but it wasn’t bad like she was dying it was like she was melting into me.
so I stood up and sat down at her throne after she left and I watched the sky and this tree next to me swirl and sing softly. soon the sound faded and only a light swirl remained. my arm entered the swirl and the tree told me she had adopted me.
so then I looked up at the roof and I saw these blue...they looked like pickle men. they were telling me that they weren’t real but then they danced around and mocked me. They just danced and danced and yelled so I did too.
everything felt like it happened so fast.
I fell asleep and woke up later by Sandra’s finger poking into my head.
I feel asleep on the porch and she pulled me inside at 4 in the morning. all of my clothes were heaped on her wicker chair next to the deck. except for my panties and my bra, they were still on. sorta. *LOL*
it was my first trip and I hope soon to take ‘shrooms again. the feelings were incredible. Sandra says she remembers little faces everywhere and her dog having a human voice. then she claimed she smoked a bowl with an Indian god whose name I do not recall at present. it was a pretty...well, interesting experience. I still dream about the pickle men and I still get happy just thinking about the whole thing.
Sandra said she went near the porch and heard me whimpering and then yelling. She said she came out later and I was sitting at the foot of the chair moaning and sighing. she went back inside. That is about it...

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