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Heaven Hell Heaven

This was my first mushroom trip.

This was my first mushroom trip. In past years, I have done LSD, but I didn't like it. And it's been over a year.

My friends M and A were looking at M's mushrooms. He had cultivated them himself. Both M and A were somewhat experienced psychnauts, and good friends as well. A forgot to bring his scale, so I'm not sure how much I ate. One of them was fresh, and this one was especially hard to get down. I ate a piece, gulped some OJ, ate a piece, and so on.

About 20 minutes later we're in the garage smoking a bowl. I didn't smoke much, as I wanted to experience the mushrooms as clearly as possible. My pulse was going fast in anticipation of the visions that would follow. I sat and smoked a cigarette, waiting for the mushrooms to kick in. As I was smoking, at looked at A, who had also dosed (M was on a weak hit of acid, but his first time doing it), and I found I was able to see his aura. He told me I was lucky; no one has ever been able to see it before. We went outside, feeling happy and wanting to experience the outdoors as never before.

I laid in the grass, watching the trees and the sky perform a perfectly choreographed dance just for me. Familiar patterns were forming in front of my eyes. At this point A came to me and laid down next to me. We marveled and giggled at the coming up of the trip.

Then A got a page from his ex-girlfriend. She's crying and yelling at him, and we couldn't figure out what was going on. I walked towards a room but a small elf face formed in the glow protuding from underneath the door. I ran, laughing, back to A, saying "Save me from the evil elf..... Hey, I'm starting to really feel something." At this point, A who was having a level 3 trip was unable to speak words clearly and had to hang up on his ex. We then went inside to listen to the Wailers CD I just got. It was a bootleg radio broadcast, and they were really jamming, not just playing the songs. I could almost see the organ music in the WSP album cover I was looking at. This was fascinating to me. But I wasn't dumbfounded, like I often had been on acid.

As we started to peak, we went back outside and all shared 3 or 4 bowls. It took a long time; A was giggling too much to hit the bowl. I, having had bad experiences in the past with panic attacks and marijuana, started to wonder about peaking and smoking at the same time. I looked at A who was rolling in spit and ashes unawares and took his cigarette. He was going to set himself on fire. I looked around, and it seemed the room we were in was growing exponentially, though I couldn't see it growing. I could only feel it.

This is where it gets ugly. I don't remember how or why, but I flipped out. I was demanding to be taken to a mental hospital, and I wanted to tell my parents that I ate mushrooms and was having a bad trip. A and M, when they realized I really needed help, came to my rescue. They really saved me. They talked me down, took me outside to get fresh air, and then we bonded over another bowl. Although I calmed down rather quickly, it felt like hours upon hours. It was beautiful in the end, though. I realized that the painful experience had made me grow and I hugged A and M. I saw my life in a way that I never had until then, and I saw the purpose of the trip, but not only that, I saw the purpose of everything I was doing. It made me reevaluate everything and I stayed up and thought silently during the peaceful and perfect comedown. Although A was my best friend, I felt we knew more about each other than we ever had before.

That's all I have to say, except that I plan to eat mushrooms again at a much later date and in much more controlled circumstances. I love you all and I especially thank The Shroomery. I would have freaked out much more if it hadn't been for the time I'd spent studying up here.

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