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maybe a level 6? libertys from wales uk.

Well this was a few years ago i must have been about 16.

Well this was a few years ago i must have been about 16. Living in wales Uk. now we are surrounded by some of the best mushroom picking fields for liberty caps, but i can't drive so couldnt go picking.
One day a friend was in need of some hash so we did a swop, and he ended up giving me a shopping (grocery) bag full of the little devils.
Now even at this age i was an very experienced tripper with very high tolerance levels and wouldnt think before throwing 4-5 acid tabs down my throat. so walking down the street i started to munch them from the bag on the way to my mates to share them out.
so anyway i ended up at my friends house where a few of them was smokin and shit. and we made some big pan of mushie brew! we all had a cup full and set off to walk to another friends up an old railway line, that had been made into a 3 mile foot path through the country side to a small village.
i took my pedal bike to save my feet. soon i found my self talking a load of rubbish about cars to my mates then fell off my bike. no matter how much i tried from then i couldnt ride the thing.
so i gave the bike up and let a friend use it.
the next thing i recall and from what my mates said was that i started rpeating the names of cars over and over.
Then the visuals where fuckin crazy. to be honest i couldnt see much real because of them. The next thing i could make a face in the bushes as wwe where walkin then there where loads of faces. before i knew it a motionless person was moving towards me.
after about five more mins i was surrounded by motionless faces and people all colourd in green and red, and the usual phsycadelic colours.
now i was in a real mess and vomited quite a bit. i was having trouble walking and couldnt see where i was going due to these people halucinations surrounding me. i remember holding my hands out trying to walk through them, it was mad as u like. but i kept trying to hold onto my friends shoulders when i could find him through the halucinations so he could guide me through. but he was quite fucked up on the brew alone and this was freakin him out.
next thing i walked straight into the bushes as i could not see where i was going and off the path, my mates didnt realise at first but soon noticed and found me on the ground in loads of bushes holding my eye. i had walked into a barbed wire fence and cut all my face round my eye. but it could have been much worse. then we ended up in the village. now i was in the street lights instead of pitch black, i still couldnt see to good but the halucinations of crouds of blue and green people had gone. now we arived at my friends, where i just collapsed on the floor and barley moved for around 6 hours just gazing at the TV and drooling from my mouth and nose. there was alot of drama with my friends as one of them kept realy freaking out on the shrooms. the others where mainly in unctrolable fits of laughter and confusion. when i came round and was able to talk it turned out no one had ever tripped that strong before and all had strong halucinations.

they would have easily been at level 4 from what they told me. but i had consumed what they had plus the same as what whent into the brew to share on my own raw!

i would not advise it realy at this level it was not fun, but i couldnt say it was bad as i couldnt think i was like a zombie. but when i started to come down i had major paranoia for an hour thinking i had killed someone and robbed a bank or somthing.
It stopped me using acid and shrooms for a few years but now i started again on a much lower level.

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