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Maximum Intensity

The story begins with the dosage.

The story begins with the dosage... the shrooms I had were tinted gold and were dry. I ate a very nice cap that had weight, along with stems and smaller caps. I did not weigh my dose, I just kept munching. I estimated my dose to be around an eigth and 5 grams. I ate the shrooms inside my friends van inside a the parking garage of a large theatre complex... After i consumed the shrooms inside the car... we began walking to the theatre.. On the way to the theatre we walked inside a jamba juice for drinks. This was a walking time of couple minutes, and the shrooms were already kicking in, and hard. Inside the Jamba Juice was like a tropical paradise of colors, everyones face was changing colors from teal to green to red and gold and so on. I begin to think a friend I was with looked like a salamander. The distance of objects was not as important as the value of their hue, and the depth of their aura. We exit the jamaba juice with juice in hand.. I feel as if the jamaba im drinking is filling a cold resiouvir inside me, it feels cold, because the juice is made of ice.. cold and heat begin to become present, along with color.. We buy tickets, and I walk to the top of the complex, where i sit above city level and stare into the los angeles scape of insanity. It was at this point that i understood what Jimmie Hendrix was all about, and I then continued to the entrance line of The Matrix 2.

Once inside my trip begins to intensify, the screen is shouting, nuthing is making sense. and a minute in time feels like near inifity, because what is time, but action, and what true action do most people do these days. I was in a vegetable state before long. The movie, the plot, nuthing more than a blob of black, in a hellhouse of noise and beings. Fuzz overtook everything, the screen. the poeople faces next to me. I sat in my chair, sweating and breathing. I was one and this was my 1st or 2nd shroom trip. I was 16 years old.
I have used mushrooms about 5 times since, making sure non of them to be as intense as that. (however, i did have one other trip that was rough where i felt somthing.. like being reborn)

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