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maois, and ayahuasca in relation to shrooms

I am writing as an observer of the shroom maoi mix so often suggested.

I am writing as an observer of the shroom maoi mix so often suggested. The Mushroom's active ingredient is very similare to DMT. I could not experientially even begin to compare any drug to mushrooms except for Dmt when It reacts with syrian rue (an Maoi), especially in the gut, (Ayahuasca). (Although rue can be smoked, as well as DMT can be smoked). Ayahuasca is the most intense hallucinogen I have ever tried, and is far more intense than any responsible dose of mushrooms if done right, it is thoroughly out of controll without the heart-rate/blood-pressure-related problems that are so prevailent with a less comprable visionary dose of mushrooms. However, if you take a medium dosage in accordance with the dose of the typical tryptamine-soaked jungle dweller, you are most likely over doing it, and will likely regret it in t+ 100-110 min(that is if your ingredients are real good).
I've never become nausious because of shrooms, rue, DMT, or it's combinations. That is not the issue considering the extreem mao-inhibition that can be fascilitated by medium doses of rue cosumed almost randomely over a period of a day or two without nausia. The thing I would stress is that maois are not fun if you take too much. For some, 2g of rue is trip within it's self includes somewhat intense open and CEV's and other visionary content, as long as it's taken over a period of 1 hour or so. This idea of adding up mao-inhibition over a period of time is also very effective if dosage is intended to over-compensate for the level of tolerance acheived in the process of avoiding nausia. often I would over compensate leaving me with more intensity than was intended. Rue by it's self is quite intense. For some who are experienced with large doses of other hall., or who just have a lower tolerance to maois can really freak out on the speedy/mind-job this stuff can produce.
To me, adding an already orally active ingredient to the rue is silly, it defeats the purpose of the maoi as it is strong by it's self, and even way way more so than shrooms (especially along with oral DTM use). There is no reason to hook such a profound drug as psy. to your synapses for longer than is pre-situated along with the profound state caused by maois by themselves. Psy. is an end in it's self, where as dmt is not when taken orally.
2.5 grams rue over a period of 50 min, + .5 grams homegrown cub. shrooms dried = an intense trip for someone who has done these things in rediculouse quantities earlier in life (lsd 500mics+,shrooms 4gms, and more ayahuasca than was safe, mostly by myself)). If shrooms are like a divine entity that speaks clearly, than mixing them with something else such as rue adds what you would expect, an intense infiltration of the visions and psychosomatic feelings that spring forth. A added feeling of intensity not necessarily coinsiding with your shroom trip. SHrooms have enough functions of their own, why add the functions of another just to trip harder. A dose of about 1.5-3g rue will influence your experience 1.5-4 fold, so be careful. There is a lot that is not talked about or understood about maois. Also, beware of mixing hallucinogenics with maois, as the mixes can produce some odd, long-lasting effects, such as what one might expect, (fat visuals for a long time).

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