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Make sure you weigh and label them....

I ate some home grown shrooms in January of 2004.

I ate some home grown shrooms in January of 2004. I didn't think it was going to be a big deal, since I ate up to 3.5 grams before on at least 3 different occasions, with very positive results.

I grew these using the PF jar method and cased them with shroom wizards casing tek. When I bagged them, I was careful to make sure each bag had 3.5 grams each(dry). The thing was, I had a couple shrooms left over - one 1.5 gram the other 5 grams. I was usually very careful about weighing the shrooms before i tripped, but I forgot that this was a "heavy bag" and just ate 'em(oops - stupid).

I started getting really nervous or anxious and had to turn off the TV because whatever was on was sad, deppressing or just scary. Tried to get comfortable, lie down in a dark bedroom, but I just couldn't. Before, with the 3.5g trips, I had a little bit of dry heaves that I could stave off with some forced belching, but this time I really had to hurl. The puking wasn;t too bad and I was hoping that when I upchucked some of the shrooms, it would lessen the effects.

No such luck. Things got really scary when I went back to lie in bed and when I closed my eyes, a cross between the smiley head on the cover of "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" and the eyeless "smiley" Cenobyte came flying at me.

This lasted for about 2-3 hours and then things started to calm down and be happy. Amoeba type patterns on the wall and the patterns on my cats' fur and wood furniture were pretty kaleidoscopically cool. Didn't sleep well that night and was pretty jittery the next couple of days. Haven't grown or eaten any since.

Should have taken this advice from an article on the shroomery:

"You thought you were going to groove to the tunes, giggle and laugh, knock off some cool sex. Suddenly, instead, a giant preying mantis [or grinning cenobyte head with arms] is bearing down on you in the middle of a totally alien cityscape but it doesn't really matter because you've no idea where your body went. Except for the fact that you've no idea who you are. Hey, you don't even know WHAT you are"

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