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Make sure you educate yourself first!

This summer, I decided to trip with a friend of mine.

This summer, I decided to trip with a friend of mine. The person who sold them to my buddy told him that all you need to take was a gram to be able to trip hard. I, however, happened to be a little bit nervous about trying a psychedelic-- so my friend told me to eat as much as possible, or else it wouldn't work.

We both took a gram-- and I started to trip hard, but I loved it! The walls were breathing, the designs were changing, and even looked like I was staring at one of those "hidden 3-D image" books. I was having so much fun that I, in a stupid move, decided to eat the rest of the eighth. Then smoke weed, drink beer and chug orange juice. After about an hour-- I started to get stomach pains (which is pretty routine from what I hear), so I knew I was about to trip harder.

I went outside to call a college friend of mine to tell him how much fun I was having because I knew he had tripped before. His cell phone rang for a while, then I got his voicemail. For some reason that freaked me out wicked bad that he didn't pick up-- I have no idea why. And for some reason at that point I heard dozens of voices in my head at different levels saying: "This is what tripping is!!!" It was very creepy-- I had so many voices in my head at that point that I didn't know which one was mine.

At that point, I ran back inside the house where we were and looked at myself in the mirror-- another bad move. I found myself staring at my reflection for so long that I didn't know which side of the mirror I was on. That scared me so much that I actually ran out of the house and tried to walk down the street-- but my head was so messed up I couldn't keep my balance.

When I looked down the street, I saw dark trees being back lit by street lights-- and it looked like a cave. It scared the shit out of me, however I walked towards it anyway. I ended up down the street from my friends house, but had NO idea where I was, or who I was for that matter.

I kept trying to find my own voice in my head-- but there were so many trying to say they were me. Wicked high pitched voices screaming really fast, and low pitched voices going slower-- and I could hear what they were all saying.

By now I started having random thoughts about how small of a speck I am in the universe-- which freaked me out even more. The thought of suicide was running rampant through my head, which has never happened before. I thought since I was so small of a part in the world, that it didn't matter if I was alive or dead-- very freaky. By this time, my friend had caught up to me and took me back to his house where my visual trip slowly went away-- but my mental trip stayed with me until I passed out. The whole ordeal lasted about 8 hours-- three of which were fun-- 5 of which were absolute hell!

It was my own fault for not educating myself more thoroughly, however. I should have kept with the gram of the powerful stuff, but unbeknownst to me-- shrooms make you have crazy thoughts as well as make you visually trip. I was under the impression it was strictly visual. Next time i trip-- I'm definitely going to keep the dosage controlled, and not mess around with weed, alcohol, or vitamin C.

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