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Lost In Hallucinations and Fear

It was my my buddy "A" and me, first time trying shrooms.

It was my my buddy "A" and me, first time trying shrooms. We took about 5 grams each with some kit kats, and then smoked a bowl. We waited patiently for the effects to drop in. Suddenly my sister unexpectedly came home and we had to act normal, I remember sitting there and listening to everything she had to say. Then suddenly it hit. I looked at my friend and his eyes morphed into one. I got up to get a glass of water, and the clouds on the water jug started to move and change colors. I started to sweat so I sat down to watch some tv, and we were still trying to act normal and when we watched the tv a HUGE red tiki mask came out of no where and glared straight into my face. this is when I started to trip really bad, so we told my sister we were going to my buddies house. we went outside to a WHOLE new world. We walked up my street in which seemed like HOURS, but finally we got out onto the main road. We didn't exactly know where we were going but we decided finally to go to a coffee shop ( I don't know what I was thinking because there is no coffee shops around here that stay open till 4 30 in the morning). We entered the woods where we usually take a short cut through there, but this was a whole new place. when we started to walk through the forest, all of the sudden the trees started to laugh and wave at me. At this point I was beyond reality, nothing made sense. I suddenly got extemely terrified and decided to leave and get back home but when I turned around, my friend had dissapeared. I was lost in the woods alone and voices kept echoing through my head, some quiet and some were screaming so loud. I tried to run, but after what seemed what was hours or running I looked down and I was in the exact same spot. I ran some more, and the trail turned into a dark black tunnel that has a small glowing light at the end. While I ran little figures like spiders with evil faces were galloping along with me, and birds were flying all around my head in a mixture of colors. I blacked out for awhile and then I remember being back on the main road. I was so glad I had finally gotton back to the road, but then a sudden feeling of panic entered me, because i thought I had killed my friend, and then I can remember thinking to myself, "am I dead or alive?" I realized I HAD to get back home, I had to get away from the outside world which was so frightning. I started to walk down the street and all of the sudden I heard a massive horn. I looked behind me and there was a big light and as I looked harder, it turned out to be a train coming down the street to hit me, I could hear the train laughing as it chased me. I ran as fast as I could to escape and I finally got far anough from it. I then was close by my house and I opened the door, and slammed it shut. I went downstairs immedialy but the stairs seemed mushy and steep. I made it down somehow, and got into my bed. and covered my head with the blankets, and just listened to the sound of unknown foreign voices. when I took the blanket away i couldn't see any part of my room exept a big colorful patch, that had a flower inside and he was talking to me and changing colors. This was so weird. I had to phone somebody to ask them what was wrong with me so I phoned a friend as I laid in bed. When she answered and said hello, it seemed like she had screamed it into my face. I asked her what was wrong with me, and told her that I had taken shrooms. I told her I was naked and I didn't know why i was naked. she tried to explain to me go to the bathroom and drink some water. I agreed to get some water and hung up the phone, but I couldn't move. I was stuck to my bed. as I laid there waiting for the effects to wear off the roof started to cave in on me, pushing closer to my head, and then it would move back up. I would explain more but I blacked out and cannot remember a thing after that. A very crazy experience, definately give it a shot of u think u need a bigger trip than weed.

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