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Lost in BFN

This is an experience I regret deeply.

This is an experience I regret deeply. We started the evening at roughly 11:00 PM. An ounce of dried mushrooms had been purchased, and someone had the bright idea of taking the whole load. We split them three ways, but one person declined to take two of their grams, I took those. We waited in my friends living room with radiohead playing in the background. the floors of the room are all hard wood, the ceiling is a regular spackle, but the lighting effects it in a very trippy fashion. We waited no longer than 20 minutes before we all broke out in a giggly body high, the high peaked and fell at regular intervals and at one of the intervals I remember blacking out. Anyways we all stood up and had to go for a walk. My friend and I went outside, while my second friend went to look for his jacket. When I stepped outside and the warm summer air hit my face all I felt was joy. I walked out on the street to see the tree across the street had turned into a purple christmas tree with no needles. This made me squeel with joy and I am told I screamed many obsenities at the tree. We walked down to a local elementry school to play in the playground. I remember running around and playing the sand and junglegym. All of a sudden my second friend screamed "their is a helicopter" and he took off running. this again made me laugh, but I saw no helicopter. So friend one, who had taken the lesser amount of mushrooms took me by the hand and dragged me home. He says all the way home I asked "where are we", he said I stopped him atleast 20 times for this question. We arrived back at the house but still could not find my second friend. We sat and played with poker chips for a while, I would take them all out of the racks and throw them around and my friend would try to stop me. I apparently caused quite a rukuss in the living room spitting all over the place and pushing furniture around. We eventually went to lay down on the water bed in my friends room.We layed in silence for a while, and everything got evil. I starred at my friends face and he looked very very dead, I would say "what is wrong"? and he he would a little alive and perk up and say "huhhh", after this it felt as iff I had to plunge my face under the covers. This sequence of events seemed to happen multiple times. Finally I stodd abruptly up, and feeling faint went to lie down. Directly into the closet I fell. Everyone says at this point I was incoherent, and that my eyes seemed to be completely blank. I apparently took hold of a set of tv antenaes and twirled them around my hands, and beating on the inside of the closet with my fists woke up my firends dad. He came in, and said..."looks like you took too much,...too much". This line sticks in my mind even to this day..."tooo much". He bent over and I yelled at him, and he said, "hey now, calm down". He then reached down to pick me up and I kicked him square in the head. He jumped back and apparently a big grin came over my face and I made some sort of incoherent statement and stood up. I was feeling very ill, I ran outside. I felt dry heaves start to take hold, and suddenly i had an explosive amount of vomit come out of my mouth. I hut so much and was sooo cold. My friend says he came outside right in time to see me collapse head first onto the concrete. I remember from this point that I curled into a tight ball on the pavement, right at the edge of my friends drive way. I felt very lost, i remember hearing hundreds of dogs barking, and for some reason a cyclical thought pattern formed. All I could think about was how cold I was, how wet I was, how much the rest of life was gonna suck, and the fact that I had just caused myself to go completely insane. I had convinced myself that the amount we had taken would have driven me crazy. I felt absolute remorse, I had ruined my own life with a few grams of fungis. I remember seeing a hellicopter come down, and a voice yelling "put your hands up", I knew it was a hallucination so I just payed no attention. I was trapped inside my head, it was a constant spiral of coldness and pain, and it seemed as if the pain had even taken a regular interval of leaving, then returning before a lack of pain was experienced. I also hallucinated that my firends came out one by one trying to get me to come inside and play games, I alwasy thought they were hallucinations, they scarred my i particular because they seemed very sinister and as if they wanted to hurt me. They said I was out their about and hour rocking back and ofrth chanting and gibbering, i remember making up a song form a variety of lyrics from death metal songs and singing it over and over in my head, but no other attempts at making noise. Eventually I relaized that this new world in my head had other places to go than the street. So I walked inside and took off my puke drenched sweater. An episode of Southpark was balring on the tv, and it looked very real. I then looked from friend to friend. Each looked crazed and redfaced, they also seemed to be twitching. I then looked at my friends dad who seemed to pick things up and move them around from place to place, with no particular ryhme or reason. I still believed all this to be in my head, I convinced myself that they where eveil and I would have to sneak into my friends dad's closet to get the gun and dispose of this horrid beasts. I luckily never did this, instead I went to my friends room and locked the door. I never fell asleep, and the next morning i came out into the living room. My two friends haden't either. I looked at both of them, and they looked at me and asked, "are you alright dude?"
I still trip, but the max i will do now is 3 grams. I seem to have a hard time taking much more and being able to kepp composure over my feelings and thoughts. This cycle that I talked about seemes to come up in a lot of my trips and my friends trips, like a thought pattern that just wont leave your head, it seems to drive people copletely mad. Happy Trippin.

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