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Lost in a pillow

This was my (James:18 year and aprox 60 Kg)second trip.

This was my (James:18 year and aprox 60 Kg)second trip. The first time i had shroomed i was alone and i liked it very much so i told it to a friend of mine (Peter: 17 years and aprox 70 Kg) and he also wanted to try it sometime so we decided to get shrooms and eat them on a sunday afternoon. I've read a lot of reports to prepare myself and my friend for the trip.

We were going to eat the shrooms at my place, nobody home, no contact with the outside world: perfect! We ate the shrooms (we both ate 35 Grams of ''somewhat dried/fresh cubensis'')with 2 big cookies (so the shrooms tasted better) but those cookies were all we ate before shrooming that day. We ate them around 15.00 while watching tv and 20 minutes later we felt like we were in an airplane and very quickly after i could see things start breathing and i saw all kinds of patterns etc)I now knew i was in for a huge experience. I called my dad (15.25) to say we were beginning the trip and everything was ok! (cuz my dad knew i was shrooming)

A couple of minutes later i wanted to lay on the ground so i did; i lay down with my face on a red pillow of the couch. Now i was really starting to hallucinate!! I could go down in the pillow and i saw all sorts of forms changing in other forms (like faces etc) and it was all very elastic.... I could also see all kinds of strange beings dance when i closed my eyes.
Then i heard my friend saying something and i looked up and he said ''don't talk to the strangers, thats dangerous! and he told me that he had seem my head dissappear in the pillow wich had frightend him a bit.. so he took the pillow and kicked on it for a couple of times and then we started lauging our ass off.

Then (around 16.00) i really started to lose track of reality.. i lay down, closed my eyes and then i just ''waved away'' i couldnt feel my body anymore and that was very very strange but awesome! after that i felt like i could move trough time, space etc.. but after a while i opened my eyes again and i was on a whole other planet then before! i felt kinda warm on a very nice way .. and every room i went into was a whole ''other world'' with other rules and beings .. my hallucinations were very strong! i could see all kinds of spirits and beings while i had my eyes opened. I could also see everything growning (my hair, flowers etc)

At some point i could ''pick'' one of my emotions! my emotions came visible in some kind of way and i could pick one .. i just didnt know what to do with it but then suddenly i heard my friend mumbling about some glasses, he wasnt talking to me tough but he was in conversation with some hallucinations of him.
I knew it was allright and that he has a good time .. later we tried to speak to eachoter but the only thing we could say was ''yo...ey....uuuh....yes?...uh....what? ..'' I couldnt even finish a thought without the other one coming..

So now i lay on the couch .. hallucinating very heavy.. thinking about a million things and i just stared at something while suddenly i could exit my body .. but i didnt! i was afraid i couldnt go back into my body and then i tried to walk around because i had the feeling i would exit my body eventually .. so now i had to go to the bathroom (i had to think about how to use my ''tools'' hehe) and it was like i was in a huge aquarium with fish etc.

There were also moments that i touhgt/felt ''this is immortal'' this part of me can never be destroyed! wich was a really comforting thought (i think at this point i had exit my body because i was flowing around the place in an special way.

Altough i had some frightening thoughts it was a wonderfull trip wich has learned me a lot! My friend also had a good time and we are now planning our next trip tomorrow (6 weeks after this trip)

I hope you all enjoyed reading this report!! greets from Holland :D

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