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Lost and Gone

It was the night of the picking of a huge load of cube's, that were from "the keeper" named Z-Strain mushrooms.

It was the night of the picking of a huge load of cube's,

that were from "the keeper" named Z-Strain mushrooms. My

friend and I each took a large wet amount, equal to about

4 grams dry each. The trip started slow enough just sitting

and watching a color projector on my wall while music

played and then I felt this pulse of energy overwhelm my

body. The lights in my room, being the only lights at 12

am, began to seperate into an almost cubic mosaic pattern

before my eyes. My friend told me "hold on, don't loose it

man" as we have blacked out from some heavy trips before.

I began getting absolutely giddy, so I got up off the bed

and practically floated around the room surveying my

brilliant surroundings. What happens at night I have

discovered is that you are both eerily encaptured by the

dark outside (physically and metaphorically) as well as

being somewhat tired. I turned off the music and still

heard a hum that sounded as if it was on a wave pattern.

When I closed my eyes I was sucked into areas of light

pastures wih these incredible blendings of light green's

and clues and yellows. When I finally opened my eyes my

friend had gotten up and at that very momnet knocked

something over. The sound bounced off the interior of my

mind and set me into an unreal warp of mind. I lost all

ability to control my own actions, my surrounding were

still my house, but they were my house on a level in

space. It was a squre creation of my own mind that I had

chosen to experience, almost like a game or something. So

I went into the den with the tv and began watching what I

now realize to have been an infomercial for bow flex. At

the time I saw square like creatures moving across this

screen trying to suck me into something so I spit, and

spit ...and spit some more at the tv. My much more

coherent friend walked in so I told him what I'd been doing

and then forced him to touch my spit. Running back to the

room I exploded, the next thing I remember is my out of

body state with a flower opening and closing in and aura of

light. I then would open my eyes and see myself outside

my body looking down at my friend and then up at a red

light on my ceiling and trying to figure some kind of life

puzzle out. I kept circling in my own mind with this life

riddle, taking away previously repeated phrases everything

like the missing letters in B-I-N-G-O until it came down to

just me in a fetal position outside my self thinking I

had died because I had figured out the very things that

make life possible on eath, thinking I had moved on to

another deminsion. The alarm the sounded at 7 the next

morning and I awoke putting my mind and what had happened

back together, realizing that the red light on the ceiling

that had made me feel as if I was being watched was just a

reflection from a red light on a guitar pedal. And finally

realizing that I had pissed myself thinking I had been

reborn into another dimension. Well, I'm ok now, but the

advice I pass on is "Maintain AWARENESS"!!!!!! always


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