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Loss of reality and gain of friendship

To begin with i am not what you would call an "experienced tripper".

To begin with i am not what you would call an "experienced tripper". I have only tried mushrooms one time before this event and that experience was less than mentionable. On this day my school got out early and my friend had 3 8th's with him. Me and my two friends decided that a local forest would be the ideal place for some "trippin balls". My friend K who is a long time good friend and fellow band mate was on part of the group, the other, T was someone who ive known for a long time but never got to really understand. We each ingested our full 8th... a grand total of 5 caps and 5 stems each. At this point started our walk down to the forest of choice some 30 minutes away. At about half way there T was already beggining to feel the effects but neither K or me had until we reached the destination.
Destination reached! felt like days... the mushrooms wee now almost in full effect and my friend K had already wandered off somewhere. Me and my new trip buddy T begun to talk about the usual: sex, drugs, music, when our good friend k shows up talking to himself. At this time i had extreme mind distortions and some things bending but nothing crazy yet. Me an T laughed at him for a while then i decided to get up and try moving. Upon standing i was greated by a little native american indian girl wearing a bear skin dress and a necklace with shells and different woods on it...yes...full blown hallucination of a person... i looked at her for a moment not knowing what to do...but she looked at me and smiled and waved to me as if to follow her and walked off. My friend T noticed i was staring contently at nothing and asked me what the hell i was doing. So as not to look like a complete fool i went back and sat down neglecting to follow my hallucination. During all this K is still talking to trees and bugs and what not. T looks at me and says the most obvious statement ever "Dude...im tripping out so hard". With this comment i cant stop laughing and me and T continue to talk about the same old stuff for a while.
Suddenly K decideds to break out of whatever trance he is in to tell us of this person "Borris" he has met who has taken him to the desert to meet someone...T and i laugh at his lack of control and tell him to show us this "borris" to our surprise he pointed at a small gnarled branch right next to where he was sitting. This event was enough to keep me and T arguing with K over how it was a tree branch and not a person. The argument ended with us all agreeing to our own oppinions over a very important debate...something we will always laugh at. At this point T said he was thirsty and wanted to walk down to taco bell...K has dred locks,wearing raggady clothes, talking to objects so there is no way we can take him to taco bell with us so we decide to take his money and tell him not to move while we go and get some drinks.
I call it the voyage because a 5 minute walk is like a lifetime quest while peaking on a great batch of dried gold cap shrooms. We come upon a local pizza place and decide to see if we have enough money to get a buffee...so we walk in (first of all we cant even walk right) and the guy says "hey" to me. i respond with a "heyoiwqj;oid" and we decide to run out...end of the pizza place. we come upon a local sandwich place where they have bottled sodas which will help with not having to think about much. We go in and the perosn working there is talking to some guy and his kid but neither T or i can make out what they are saying it all sounds like "WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH" like charlie brown...TRIPPY anyways they leave and i hand her about $13 in 1's for a $2 purchase...a good laugh for her as she looks at us with twigs and dirt all over us...its ok though..even a retarded kindergardener would have been able to say "those guys are high" at this point. whatever. Well the rest of the day was coming down from the best shroom high ever and trying to convince K that what he had seen was not real

Sorry for the abrupt ending but time flies
happy tripping

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