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Happyland :)

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Well it all started when a friend of mine DR decided he wanted to grow some shrooms. At first, he had no succsess in growing them ,but after awhile he got the hang of it. Anyway we got the shrooms and set the date that we were going to eat them. DR was the only one who had taken them before and he said it was great!
We had five people that went. We had decided on the state park ( there was a great nature trail there ). We took some freshly picked shrooms on the ride out there. I thought they didn't taste to bad. Anyway we were there and all got out of the car we couldn't feel any effects yet so we proceded to walk. After awhile DR busted out another baggy of dried shrooms and told us to chew them up and keep them in our lips like a dip of chew. After about 20 minutes they kicked in. I remember turning around and some of my other friends were stareing at a tree and cheesing. Thats when things got good ( for a mild trip). I remember just staring at the tree for 10 minutes and we thought it was the most awsome tree there was. After that we decided to go to a beach right by there. Once we got there we thought everything was fucking awsome! The water was perfect the sky was perfect. So we each lit up a cig and for some reason we thought they were horrible I couldn't stand them . So me and KR put ours out. Then we started thinking what purpose everything on earth has. We came to rocks and couldn't find a purpose for them. In the meantime the other 3 had gone exploring. I forgot to add one thing that happened earlier we had found walking sticks ( this was before the shrooms kicked in ) and now we were attached to our sticks we couldn't let them go for more than a minute. Anyway RG came backfrom exploring to get us. He said they had found alot of cool things they wanted us to see. The first thing was a tree that held our walking sticks. Alls you had to do was give them a toss and it would catch our sticks. Well we thought that was cool. The next thing was the grass it was weird it was red, blue and green and just looked funny to us. The next thing was a shrine to a tree. It was like all these little bushes in the middle of a grass feild and there was a big dead tree in the middle of them if you can picture that? So we threw some pennies into the shrine and left. Thats when the peak of the trip hit. We couldn't explain how it felt I mean we couldn't find a word that explained it. Finnally I came up with " it feels happy".
RG took us to another place they had found it was a cleared area in the middle of a forest and DR and JD had built a teapea out of dead branches they had found. It was the funniest thing ever. JD who had not taken any shrooms was a drag to us because he wanted to leave. You don't know this kid he acts like a little baby if he doesn't get his way. First, he smashed the tree that held our sticks, then he took KR's stick and broke it. So we finally got tired of listening to him bitch and we went to town. We found out that we didn't care about anything. I axadently hit KR with my stick, normally he would have been pissed, but he wasn't. When we got to KR's car we got in it but it put us in a bad mood( because his car is a peice of shit and it was full a garbage, pop bottles, candy wrapers ,etc..). Anyway we smoked a few bowls out of the skank( thats the name of our bong)We went to a store and everything seemed fake it was weird. Then we went home and did some shit the end.

Purpose for rocks: houses,tools,keeping the earth held together

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