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loss of all control

my trip was so intense that honestly i don't remember much at all.

my trip was so intense that honestly i don't remember much at all. i do remember a few of the most intense parts however. once the shrooms were in full swing i remember being on the ground (i was at the beach) laying on my towel face down. i felt as if i was as far away from planet earth and the life we know as possible. what was even more intense was that durring my trip i forgot how things used to be ... i was trapped in a world of strange sounds and had no connection with what i was seeing. i couldn't move. it's hard to explain it all in words but at one point (probably for at least an hour) i was stuck in one spot shouting out commands to my arms and legs but nothing would happen. I had forgoton how to function and believed that i would never return to earth. and i can conciously remember that my body stopped breathing at one point ... and there was nothing i could do about it. i pictured myself (and the four other ppl that were trippin out with me) as an egg that was cracked open. and i could see myself just spilling out everywhere into a useless nothing. And i believed whole hartedly that nothing would ever change ... i didn't think i was going to die but i thought i would just be stuck there ... in that same state ... forever.

the second half of my trip was a little more enjoyable as i regained my ability to move and walk. we listened to bob marley music, danced and waved towels around, went for a little hike and swam in the ocean. it was quite an expirience and i think my conclusion for shrooming (that was my first time) is that nothing in this world can prepare you for what you are about to expirience

and in the end i would definately consider taking some again.

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