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Longer then I wanted

OKay well the night started out okay walking around from friends house to friends house.

OKay well the night started out okay walking around from friends house to friends house..finally took them them me and my friend who was also on them started walking across town to go to this party we heard about...about three hours later after I took them the peak hits..I start freaking out thinking that everything was a dream...and my friends words turned into one big long one and it sounded so fast..a couple of my other friends showed up and yup they were on shrooms to...I nearly killed one of my friends by pushing her onto the road because she grapped my shoulders and started saying all this weird stuff and like before every word became one big one...then all of a sudden all these people started showing up...we showed up at the party and it was just to much...loud music and flashing lights and whenever they flashed I would see all these people making out and stuff..we left with a whole bunch of people but I ran ahead of everyone because I was tripping out so bad.. I was beside I parked truck in a drive way and I heard my name being called so i turned around to see everyone still behind me.. I turn beside me and theres my friend so we walked and talked until I turned around to the truck and something about it..heard my name again turned around my friend was gone..I turned around to the group and she was still there...I sat down beside I fench and started tripping out at all the car lights...I heard my name being called and I knew my friends were up the street from me but I couldn't see them so I just kept running...finally we were at my friends house and I just got to sit down...it was a weird trip but the funniest I've had..

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