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Long Christmas story

"I grew up in Calgary, Alberta.

"I grew up in Calgary, Alberta. At a time when drugs we changeing. In the 60's drugs we very good. In the seventies...coke,and weed were the drugs. In the 80s; When I was born,Drugs changed again. Not for the good but.....The 80's was a time when evil was good. Everyone liked evil. So drugs were made evil too. Ask anyone,ask your parents, even ask your grandparents If they took LSD in the sixties. They will probably tell you that they were great. But now drugs are dark. We can't get good lsd anymore. The only drug thats better is weed. And the last drug that is still pure is a few members of the
Fungi incubis(mushrooms) "

I myself tryed dark mushrooms and pure mushrooms. I prefer the dark ones but,I find, that the only mushrooms I can find are pure ones. I prefer the darker ones to the 'light'ones. Which brings me to my story. It was Christmas 99' in Calgary, Alberta. Cold, wet, and windy were the conditions. I was staying at my sister Rose's house for the week. I had'nt seen her in a year. So she was excited to see what I've been up to. I just wanted to get away from the small town I was lining in, so, I stayed at Roses for Christmas. It was on the night of the 21st day in December when I found myself slouched in a chair bored out of my god damn mind.
I remember saying something like,......
"Rose! Can you get mush?!"

She came out of the kitchen a little stunned,......
" What?...Mushrooms? When did you start that shit?!'

"I've never done em'! But since I'm here, I may as well."

Her face went blank. And she said nothing.

I said,"Whats wrong?" She did'nt say anything!
Then out of nowhere she said.........
"'I'm Just trying to think where I can get em'."

To our fortune her roomate Billy could. His brother new some people from downtown. So as a Christmas present my sister gave me the gift every brother appriciates. 'DRUGS'!
.....SO She bought 8 grams. At 11:00 we sat around the living room coffee table. I sat in a recliner and Rose and Billy sat on the couch. Rose sent Cherry, my cousin, to tell everyone upstairs were were taking mushrooms. So they would not be alarmed at any noise that would filter throught the floor of the upstair living room. This is going to be a long night. I was already triping before I dropped them because we had just finished a honey blade session on the stove. And what was making me trip was the fact that if my mom found out my sister bought me mushrooms .........She would be very god damned angry. So I was all paranoid. Billy divided the mushrooms into 3 equal... mostly distributed to Himself and my sister but, as usual, I played stupid and accepted my smaller pile. we all sat up and looked at the piles before we devoured the dryed, dead fungi. I remember thinking about faking a stomach cramp or pretending to puke. Then my mind kicked in and said "Be a man...Take em'." To which my sister replyed, "What?.....Did you say something? ", and I said

I stared at the pile for about 11 seconds and then finally I ate them. They stuck in my teeth and they tasted like really dry mushrooms. Not shit! Mushrooms. I sat back in the chair and thought 'And now we wait.....................


If you would like to read the rest of this meaningless trash then please email me at ________Atarithe3rd@hotmail.com_______________or Hate mail too......


I will send you a small online book with my art and pictures influenced by drugs.

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