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Long but descriptive and crazy

Me and 3 of my friends started the day out by grabbing our bag of about 50 "cubes" and about an oz.

Me and 3 of my friends started the day out by grabbing our bag of about 50 "cubes" and about an oz. of weed and heading over to another guys house where we could trip and not be bothered. We ordered a pizza and all started to munch on it with the shrooms. We all started out by eating around 4-6 a piece, and after about a 30-45 minute waiting time one of my friends had started to trip. After about another 30 minutes of waiting I began to get really anxious, so me and my friend zach decided to take more. Zach ate a total of 9, and I ate a total of 12(which now I know was waaay to many. I started to feel slight effects at around 5 or 5:30 but nothing to major. It wasnt until I started venturing around the house that things started to go bad. I went into one of the guys bedroom, because he had a wall full of crazy posters, and decided that i liked that room so i lied down on the bed. There was a cat laying on the bed beside me and I could see the patterns on its fur moving, so i started to pet it. When I started to pet the cat, I could see my hand sink into its skin( which I realize now means that I was pushing way to hard) then out of nowhere the cat started to freak out, and I got terrified so I ran out of the room. Zach was coming out of the bathroom at the time that I was running by so i decided to duck into there... bad idea. There were 2 stereos inside the house both were turned to the same rock station, and were turned up pretty loud. I took a piss and everything was going pretty normally, but the moment that I started to stare into the mirror it started to change drastically. The music started getting louder and louder, and I started to inch closer to the mirror staring myself down. I was filled with a weird unexplainable rage, and the room around me went blurry and started shaking. At the time that my face got about an inch from the mirror, two of my friends walked by. Im not sure why but when I heard them talking I immediately felt really embarrassed, and walked out. Two more guys showed up at the house, which did not make me feel comfortable at all, so me and my friend jared went and sat out on the front porch. Jareds trip had come on really fast, so he was already past his peak, before I started to feel mine. The two of us sat on the front porch for a few minutes before I started to realize that this was going to be an extremely strong trip.

We went inside and I was starting to feel reaaally fucked up, so i decided to roll a sweet to calm my nerves. Me and my friend Andrew started smoking the sweet, but he forgot completely about it and i wasn't going to remind him, so I smoked most of it myself. We were smoking it out of a "water jug" thing I had built and one of the guys asked if he could hit it. I said yeah sure and filled it and handed it to him. He took the smallest hit imaginable, and started to cough like crazy. I knew all of these guys and knew they did hard drugs, so I immediately started to freak out, thinking that I had put something in the sweet that had killed us... me in particularly since I had smoked all of it. I ran into the kitchen broke the "jug" that I had built and ran outside. For the next couple of hours I am not sure of what all was going on. I don't think I was conscious for most of it, because what my friends told me happened is nothing like what I remember. For hours I sat on the porch not saying a word, but in my mind was having full conversations with the people that weren't even there; only saying single words like death, tomorrow stuff like that out loud. The next time I became conscious Jared asked me if i wanted to go inside and i said yeah and went back to the bathroom to get a drink from the sink(there kitchen sink was covered with dirty dishes lol) I walked in turned the water on, and when I looked at myself in the mirror my entire arms were covered in blood... I started to look around the bathroom for what I had slit my wrists with, at that time Jared came looking for me and said I was standing with the sink almost overflowing and I was just washing my hands over and over. He shook me and asked me what I was doing and I just said Dude no more drugs then asked him if he was ready to go( I thought we were on our way to go die)So I took a sip of water and we went and sat on the back porch. As soon as I sat down in the back yard I went back "unconscious" One of the guys that had showed up later came outside and started to talk to us, but what he was really saying was not what I heard. When I saw him walk out of the back door I immediately knew that he was the devil, and he knew that I knew. He began to explain to me how shrooms where the fruit that showed you the difference between good and evil, and that all humans failed just like Adam and Eve did. At this time I was pulled away form the earth and then went back in at a different place in which everyone was eating shrooms. I awoke and started to feel terrible about myself... and just wanted to go home. I told my friends that i was done tripping and wanted to leave but they refused and good thing.

I tripped hard until about 8 or 9... sitting on the front porch and not moving but like twice once to smash my sunglasses because Zach told me that he did not like them... so i threw them on the ground and smashed them with my foot. The other a little more strange... at some point I was looking for something, I'm not really sure what, but i never found it, so instead I whipped my dick out while sitting on the front porch with all my friends. Pretty humorous I know. The theme of my trip was pretty much centered around death, I remember bits and pieces but the more I think about it the more I just wanna forget it and move on. All I know is that I am very glad that I visited this page before tripping, because I believe that it helped me stay calm, as I never freaked out once the entire time. I hope you enjoyed my trip more than I did... I wish I could have ended on a better note, but as of right now I don't believe Ill ever do them again... but for all of you that do, take my word for it when I say your not as big of a bad-ass as you think you are so get someone to watch over you. Peace

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