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Liquid Hands

Ok, it was the thursday we got out from school for the easter break.

Ok, it was the thursday we got out from school for the easter break. I had ordered thirty grams of syrian rue, which I ground up and split ten ways, and me and a friend were planning on doing them that day. It was 3:00 pm when we ate the syrian rue with water, and I went out to buy a pack of cigarettes. When I came back, it was 3:30. J (my friend)was yackking it up with his mom when I got impatient, and began to eat my quarter (7 dried grams) of psilocybe cubensis. When J came out, he grabbed his shit and we walked outside, each munching a quarter.

We decided to walk for about ten minutes and figure out what we were going to do that evening, as it was still only about 3:45. I began to feel the strange come-on. It was different that from a normal mushroom trip, more subtle and strange. We walked down by some stairs overlooking the river. We sat there, staring at the dead trees and broken branches in awe. I would look at the ground and whisper "...the ground can be quite scary at times...". We were beginning to get pretty fucked up. We sat and smoked cigarettes for about a half hour, maybe more, as J sat mesmerized and silent, while I would babble and giggle. We decided to go down by the river onto the sand.

We sat there staring at the sky. I began to see a bearded guy, like God or Jerry Garcia. The clouds twisted like smoke. As I searched my pockets, I found money, cigarettes, and pot but they totally lost meaning sitting in there. When we stood up, we had these pains in our thighs like snapping elastics, we couldn't explain it. We began to stumble farther down the river and find people. Once we got farther down, we tried to get up the muddy grass, but couldn't. I got mud all over my hands and pants, and was in a state of dispair for awhile. I sat with my face in my muddy hands tripping fucking hard. I think I ate some of the dirt, because I remember tasting it. I think I vomitted once or twice but cannot remember. I was beginning to peak as I sat there motionless, and some friends came by. J had walked off somehwhere by himself, but I didn't notice at all. All my friends were pretty worried about me I was tripping so hard. Occasionally I would mutter somthing about death or masturbation or something, and I don't think anyone was paying any attention to it. I sat there under the bridge, being fucked up until maybe 7:00 or 8:00. At that time I thought that I should go home, however whacked out I was. I walked about 40 blocks over the course of 2 and 1/2 hours, even walking up to my house. I talked to some christian lady about my dead relatives for an hour, and all this other weird shit. After awhile it got dark out. I was tired and so I laid down on the grass in front of a local high school. At some point this guy drove up and was concerned about me, asking if I needed a ride or a place to stay, but I somehow got him off my back. I then went behind a drug re-hab center (how ironic) and sat for what was maybe an hour on the grass, hearing major auditorys. I eventually walked back to the river, but on the way I asked a jock and his girlfriend where taylor street was, and then said that I was on mushrooms. They guy started yelling "get outta here you stupid dumbshit!!"-etc. so I started walking away. Once i was around the corner two of them came, and one held me up against the fence asking "What the fuck are you doing asshole?!?!". I was really scared and offered them money and smokes, but they just kept yelling at me. Then some girls came and got them off me, and were concerned about my cold hands and stuff, and I was so freaked by her friends that I was crying. They directed me to the street and made me feel a bit better. When I finally got back to the river, it was 10:30, but all my friends were there, on acid. I was quite happy and content, and my hallucinations were pretty much over (except for auditorys, and the fact that I was still a little whacked out).

The trip was ALOT stronger than I expected it to be... the 7g+rue was equal to about a 15 or 16g stationary mush trip, judging from my experiences. The body high is pretty heavy, and the whole trip can easily be emotionally or physically overwelming. Proceed with caution.

The trip was sort of like a dream..I was only semi- conscious, and was flashing in and out of this dimension. I barely paid any attention to my hallucinations, as I was so fucked that I couldn't process my perceptions.

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