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Like a movie: 1 hell of a ride.

One day me and some friends decided to eat some mushys, most of us experienced the effect before but not as hard as that day.

One day me and some friends decided to eat some mushys, most of us experienced the effect before but not as hard as that day. We bought alot because the last time we ate some it was more like a level 2 experience, wich was really fun btw. But this time we were in for some real hallucinogen.
We ate 5 portions(1 is between 10-15 grams) with some truffels @ our friends house and we went moving right after we consumed them instantly we were with 4 people btw.

So we went to this creek nearby and starded rolling joints, everyone feeling relaxed having a good talk enjoying the water splashes the fishes were making and the full moon with a clear red sky(It was very dark btw). When we were walking towards the creek it was very difficult to find our way because it was so dark. But anyways, we were relaxing there for about 40 minutes alrdy when everything starded to seem much brighter. I think my eyes adapted to the darkness and I could see much better in the dark already. I was rolling this joint when this smile drew on my face and I couldnt get it off my face, I felt really happy for some reason. I think this is were it all began.

I fired up my joint and looked at one of our mates, he starded standing up all the time and we were getting annoyed by the fact he was walking around and wouldnt want to sit down. So we were always asking him to sit down. After awhile it didnt matter because he would be back on his feet 10 seconds after.
I couldnt keep my eyes off him and I noticed the guy was staring at the grass, he walked up on the grass and bended his knees shouting shit like 'OMG, wtf. O M G HAHAHA coool' wich some hard laffing in between. So we all starded laffing our asses of and this guy was going on and on about how the grass was alive and he saw eyes coming out of the grass and how amazing it all was.

Now in this fase we were all just having a good time and laffing our asses off, most of us werent hallucinating except for that dude.
I starded feeling light, was tripping shit about zerogravity and how good I would be in dancing. My mates suggested to go a that party in the forest. So we all starded walking with our fancy boots.
50 meters later we stopped at a bench cuz we were laffing so hard we couldnt go on. But I also wanted to decide what our plans where for that night.
As soon as we sat down we all were hallucinating. Everything was so intense and smooth but nothing like waves or anything, more enjoying everything arround you.

Now dude 2 was almost dying of laffing and he starded talking about how his right knee was getting sucked towards the ground. Guys I can tell you this, this was really crazy to watch, a guy laffing at himself about his right leg getting sucked towards the ground and you could see his right knee always falling down towards the ground really fast. By this overwhelming effect of enjoyment I said lets go to this friggin party!

Dude 3 was the shaman, he rarely spoke and was tripping in himself. I have no clue how he felt that night.

We hit the road and we went straight to the party, we were shouting all kinds of stuff about how weird everything was and how the trees looked like, how bizarre everything looked like etc...
Then I just stopped cuz I felt like everything was going really fast it was like in a movie. So I halted and all the guys were like 'wtf man??? whats wrong dude?? you ok man??' I ignored them and said nothing, I only had eyes for the road, what I experienced after that was incredible... everything aroound me turned 90 degrees and I fell on the ground and i starded doing pushups i think like 50 really fast, really straight with my eyes open so the ground was zooming in really really insane. Then I jumped up and I felt AWSOME I said lets go guys so we all starded walking again while laffing.

@ the party: Advice: never go to a party while tripping LOL. This was hard, really hard. the music felt awsome. I could really feel the bass hit the ground and flow through my feet towards my heart. As if it pumped through my veigns. Everbody was staring at us and my mates were all going like "OMG this is soooo sweet i want to be in this place forever". We entered the tent and first thing we noticed were the spots, there were all kinds of colours flashing really fast red, black, green, yellow, black, red, black, green, black...
Everytime it flashed black i couldnt see shit it was frightening... we walking on the dancefloor and the guys behind me were bending through their knees staring at the spots with their hands in the air, trying to cover themselves from the ceiling(they thought it was going to fall on their head). Everything was so damn weird, I couldnt understand shit, the only thing that kept me straight was the awsome music I tink, otherwise I wouldve collapsed.
I noticed it was very very crowded but as I was standing there in this pose like Blade would stand in the bloodbath scene, I noticed everybody was walking around me as if they were to afraid to come near me, i had all this space where i could dance, now i was tripping shit like somethings not right here, I need to get the fuck going NOW. So i starded yelling: 'guys we need to get out of here!!' they were not listening at all, only saying shit like 'maaan this plays is soooo cooool and flashy look at the colors!! this party is awwwsome'. Then these guys and girls came at me like 8 different people asking me for XTC, I felt insulted and irritanted and I needed to relax because my head was going to explode of all the people. Then the thing I feared most happened. I lost the other guys!!
I walked out the tent and all these people came to me as if they knew me, and because I was so confused I was like 'huh? wtf do you want from me, leave me alone'.
The others werent hard to find eventually, they also escaped the tent because it was so damn trippy. When I found them I told them we needed to get away quickly, they didnt hesitate any second to come with me, so we bailed, looking for a night shop to buy cigarettes for our joints. We needed to relax.

We walked for 2 hours following the shaman, he lead us to the most fantastic places and roads in a forrest. We were now hallucinating to the max, seeing all kinds of shit, glows coming out of plants, my hearing sense was amplified
by 20 everything was so intense but at the same time amazing and breathtaking. We eventually found a nightshop not far from a field where we would relax after we bought our cigarettes. We entered the shop and the light blinded our eyes, first thing we did was look in eachothers faces and one dude looked at me he jumped and laffed his ass off, he ran outside really quick cuz he couldnt stop laffing lol, I mustve had a funny face. He came back in and I noticed he had fungus on his lips, yuck.
So we bought the cigz and hit the field.

Now the came the most intense, and never ever forgetting period of my life.
We passed by the field and sat down near a small football field(very old).
dude2 didnt feel comfortable for some reason. He said: 'lets walk abit further, I dont like this spot.'
sure I guess.A couple of meters further we all starded rolling some joints, the dude that was tripping about the grass in the beginning was the only really active one. He was still babbling about the colors and hallucinations, while the rest of us were focusing on ourselves. It seemed I was the only one capable of rolling a joint so I set myself to the job and starded. dude2 was trying to roll a joint 2 but he wasnt focusing on the joint, he was being aware of his surroundings, specifically a road nearby.
He was constantly twitching his head really fast from the joint, to the road. I fired up my joint and said 'damn man, your pretty alert tonight'. And he said: 'I dont know what it is, but that road spooks the shit out of me'.
for the next few minutes he kept twitching his fast abnormally fast, a reflex inhuman. I laughed at him and said: 'shit man, Ive never seen a person turn his head as fast as you can, your really alert'. he said: 'Man its the police, Im scared the police will come through the road'. Everyone told him to relax and that he shouldnt worry. It was 4 AM, near a forrest and open field, no police would show up just for us at that place at that time so I thought.
So he was like ok ok.
I had passed the joint alrdy and I rolled the one dude2 was rolling because it would take forever with his head twitching. I fired the joint and everything was so calm, and quiet, so peacefull. Everbody was enjoying the aroma and smoke that we blew in the air. My eyelids fell down and I starded tripping in myself, kind of meditating... I had only attention for my inner self, I was one. then...

I saw this bright thunderflash and this really hard bash. dude2 punched me on the back and screamed 'we gotta get the fuck out of here' he pulled me with him while he got up. He was now standing. I was like 'man wtf is wrong with you'. He was just standing there ready to run for his life, also staring at the road. I said: 'sit down and relax, no friggin police is coming for us'. He stood their thinking, and he gently sat down next to us again. after 2 minutes his head starded twitching again. I starded to laff.

again he did it. you must understand that the guy was sitting on the ground, in lotus kind position, and faster than you can blink your eyes he would stand not next to me this, but like 10 meters further. he was faster than the speed of light.
'GUYS, we HAVE to get out of here now!'. Because he was so damn quick the other dudes instantly stood up because they thought something had happened. I was the only one who sat down. the ignorant one, the one with the most pride.
I said: 'ok, if it will make you feel better well go back to dudes house and sleep. Everyone agreed.'

20 meters we stepped... we turned, we stared, and we were fucked. Shaman yelled COPS!!. the vehicle drove in from the road, with its headlights on brightest it scared the living shit out of me. omfg we ran, I never ran so fast in my entire life. I thought we were gonna die. the vehicle starded to step on it and drove really fast, but someonehow we were faster, we ran towards the forrest. dude1 who was constantly yelling about the colours and flashy thing was now yelling things like 'omg this is not happening!!'. we ran so incredibly fast, I couldnt keep up, but it wasnt so bad because one dude was still behind me and aslong as I wasnt last I felt safe.
I had no awareness of my body, all the adrenaline was pumped to my head and there was only that wich I saw directly infront of me, like a movie. While I was running for my life I thought: 'Hey maybe its best if I drop myself to the ground and hide in the grass'. So I let myself fall on the ground and I just slided over the grass like it was snow. the other guys screamed 'oh no he fell down!! he fell down!!' and they starded laffing wtf?? while I was sliding I thought this isnt going to work, I instantly scrabbled myself up and ran, I still wasnt last lol. we jumped over this small bridge onto this path towards the woords were we stopped for a second. We looked behind us and we thought oof, we lost them. then suddenly we see these 2 other cars coming from the road, and this one car had 3 headlights, one fricking hughe we went like 'omfgg what is that??? thats a police dropout van RUN!!' 4 people jumped out the car and we saw flashlights flashing all directions, they were running towards the forrest...

we ran towards the hughe entrance of the forrest and instead of following the road we jumped through the trees near a spot between bushes, only a few meters from the roads... we thought it would be best to stay on the edge, while the police think we went deep in the forrest. I needed to keep my eyes on the guys with the flashlights to, so I knew when to run.
the next hours was one hugh paranoia trip, being super alert and counting on your survival/animal instinct. My perception was godlike, I could hear the smallest grass movement by the wind. I was thinking: 'This is awsome, ive never felt so alive as now, and this dude, how could he have known.' I closed my eyes and I understood now that everything is connected, with some sort of energy. I began a looooong trip from there. trying to understand the universe, my logic was not as my usual one but it seemed to fit to it all.

I experienced so much that period, and theres so much that happend while we were hiding in the forest I think I could write a whole book about it.
It all ended where shaman came to me and said the coast is clear, I didnt know the guys were still there we had been silent for 2 hours, tripping in our own minds discovering and exploring a different world. We tryed to escape the reality because we were frightenend of the people that might find us.

we ventured home and wanted sleep. I didnt sleep tho, I wanted to continue exploring this other realm I discovered in my mind while in the forest. That was the best part of the whole movie =)

They day after we went to the field and we saw these police vans still there, but we didnt care we just laffed. and walked by.

From now on Ill never ever take shrooms in unfamiliar places, only inside a house I know of, with relaxing music and a nice garden =)).
I have changed a lot since this experience, I can appreciate so much more, I hardly smoke anymore. Im socially more open and my perspective on the world is nothing like before. I feel so alive.

PS: I dont think I was tripping on a lvl 5 scale, but Im sure the others were lol, you shouldve seen m =pp. sorry about bad english btw.

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