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Life, Version 2.1

Dosage: 10 grams ground Tampensis sclerotia, 5 grams Syrian Rue resin 1 liter Lespedosa bicolor leaf tea Reason: Never had a truely 'mind blowing' experience with entheogenic chemicals.

Dosage: 10 grams ground Tampensis sclerotia,
5 grams Syrian Rue resin
1 liter Lespedosa bicolor leaf tea

Reason: Never had a truely 'mind blowing' experience with entheogenic chemicals. I had just finished reading True Hallucinations, Archaic Revival, and Mind Landscapes by Terrence McKenna. I was determined to see the great beyond.

I'd been planning this one for about two weeks, preparing for various parts of the 'experience.' I had contacted J. who was renting a house just outside of city limits, so it would be nicely secluded. We wanted to do this while it was snowing. Recently, we got the weather reports saying it was going to, so we put the plan into action. At sunset, ingestion took place.

I began noticing the effects fairly quickly; The sclerota were ground up and put in non-gelatin capsules which were all taken within a five minute period, about 30 minutes after taking the syrian rue (also in capsules.. so we're wimps.. heh), at which point we were sharing the tea. About ten minutes, I began noticing the ripple effect, which I had not had since my first mushroom experience oooh so long ago. I at once started to become .. distrubed and unconvinced that what we were doing was a good idea. Ten minutes and the world is rippling? What have we done? We were in J.'s living room at this time. J. said he was noticing it too.

Very quickly, I became aware of this incredible building pressure all around me. It was almost like the space immediately around me was forming some sort of reverse gravity well. I became aware of a 'bubble,' some sort of area surrounding me that was... seperate. I'd had this feeling before, but not this intensely. I began focusing on the bubble.. pushing it. I was unsure about how long I'd been doing this, but I realized I had completely tuned out the outside world after what seemed like hours, though was probably minutes. I couldn't focus on anything in the room; partly from the rippling, though it wasn't that intense, I just couldn't not ... focus. I simply closed my eyes and continued focusing on the bubble.

At some point I felt as though I was in the intensly pressurized underground cavern. I felt somehow very bodyless but in an extremely heavy way. It was a very interesting and crazy feeling. I just kind of played with that for a little, but then I felt like I wasn't alone. I'd never before encountered serious entity action on a trip. I don't even really feel like it was something else, kind of like a mirror that forgot it was a seperate thing. I just kept imagining these strobing lights and kept trying to make myself flash in sequence with them. Somehow I felt like I understood most of this was somehow changing my internal self programming. Kind of some sort of self voluntary alteration. It couldn't have physically been more then an hour, but I imagined I had been in the metaphysical location for at least days. Flashing and stobing. Sometimes there would be these plasma streams between the flashing points, sometimes reaching towards me.

Very suddenly, I 'heard' an urge to leave and quickly. I became very very afraid and axious, and began struggling with my bubble, trying to break that feeling. I wouldn't open my eyes till I felt the bubble go away for some reason. Eventually, I felt it get small very quickly, going away at the exact moment I felt someone tap me on the shoulder.

I opened my eyes, and J. was standing over me, saying, 'Are you alright? You been lying there for half an hour.' I was like, 'Yeah. Help me to the kitchen. I need some water..' J. kinda looked around funny and said, 'Your on the kitchen floor dude.' We thought that was intensely funny for some reason. I figured later that the plasma wisps I imagined were related to J. coming into the kitchen and running the faucet. From what I understood he did a lot of turning on and off lights.

After that we grabbed J.'s portable boom box, put on some jefferson airplane and really warm clothes and went outside. Just as we got outside, it started snowing. It was so beautiful, we just ran around playing and dancing till the deli sauce ran out.

Was a neat experience.

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