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life or death

It was my first real expierence with shrooms.

It was my first real expierence with shrooms. I was on Kauai camping out for the winter. I met other people who were doing the same thing as I was escaping the winter on the mainland. I heard about shrooms in Hawaii and deceided to go look for some. I found a whole bunch and brought them back to where everyone was hanging out to share them. I was tripping out on how many everyone was eating and I wasnt sure about how many to take. The other guys were eating them by the handfulls so I thought it was ok to eat alot. That day I just wanted to test drive them and didnt eat that many maybe about 8 or 10. I got off pretty good and had a nice trip. I had taken acid at least a hundred times and I thought it was a pretty good trip for free shrooms.
I deceided to go again after another good rain and got a bunch more. I met a guy with a fruit dehydrator and layed the shrooms on the dehydrator and dried them out. I had been camping on the North Shore of Kauai in Kalalau Valley and was getting pretty water logged and deceided it was a good idea to go to the Big Island to dry out. I got the dried out shrooms and put them in a baggie and hitch hiked to Lihue airport to go to the Big Island. As I was walking to the Airport I started to get paranoid and deceided to eat all the shrooms instead of take them with me. They were nasty tasting but I ate the whole bag. I dont know how much they weighed but it was about 2.5 to 3 fingers high and two fingers deep. They were not completely dried but about 80%.
I thought it would be ok. And kinda fun to be in the air.
They flight was not nonstop but it had to stop on Oahu and Maui on the way over to Kona. I started to feel them halfway to Oahu and really started to get nervous that maybe I overdid it a bit. I found myself in another world at the airport in Honolulu. I was able to see heaven witch was right here and now. The cirrus clouds turned into
angels, the land came alive and was smiling at me. Everything growing was happy. Then I looked at the tourists who were unaware of what I was witnessing and they had all serious looks on their faces trying to get around and stressed unhappy. I made my next flight to Maui and was really getting off hard I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I had a window seat and the cloud angels would all point to higher up towards the sun as if getting more beautiful the closer they got turning into more intense yet simpler spectrum of light the sun holding all colors of beautiful pastels. The ocean was smiling at me each wave had its own face millions of little faces all intertwined to make up on larger one. It was all happy and beautiful. I dont remember much about the other passengers.
The whole time I was tripping I was talking to myself or another spirit that had consumed me and was guiding me pure love that was talking to me, who I thought was God or the spirit of God letting me know that I took too many mushrooms
and my time was up but that I was forgiven.
After landing in Maui I was able to see death of this beautiful life force through exhaust from planes and cars and the exhaust smoke wasnt smiling. Yet I was able to understand that God had allowed himself to be treated this way for his love for us that we may one day know him and love him. Yet it was unclear how long he was willing to put up with our ignorence and it was important to be in the right place when he is tired of putting up with us. The end may be near. Though the disgruntled look on everyones faces I didnt think anyone was aware of how beautiful and how wonderful and how much love was out thare and right here in front of them that they couldnt see and how Nature had sacrificed itself for them.
I was in the most beautiful place. On my final leg of the journey to Kona I was still in heaven the clouds had thickened and through the clouds towards the sun they seemed to enter into the most holy of places. As they came closer towards the sun they would like vaporize sacrificing themselves to another form that produced life in another way. And all forms of nature would sacrifice themselves only to change forms and produce life another way. I was one with the planet. The sun being the most grand and beautiful of all.
When I landed in Kona I was given the choice to be a part of life and the beauty thereof or choose to die. If I chose life I would have to sacrifice myself { How much of my lungs could I sacrifice to God and not distroy}. When I got to the airport I was given the choice to live again if I wanted to live I had to drink water by choosing to drink water I would be guided to do other things that support life within myself. I did not want to go down the unhappy faces of exhaust so I went into the bathroom of the airport and drank water from the faucet. At that moment I began to come down and I was bummed. I wanted to go to that place again but was warned by that spirit not to.
I hitched to the north shore where I lived in Waipio Valley and fasted on water and got really healthy living on fruit.

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