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Level 6???

It was December of 2001 when I decided to try mushrooms for my first time.

It was December of 2001 when I decided to try mushrooms for my first time. In my town there is actually a few mushroom dealers, so I called up one I knew well and ordered myself 60$ worth of mushrooms, or 2/8, or something like that. The shrooms arrived at about 7:30 PM, and I had the whole house to myself for the next four days.
I took the shrooms(ALL of them, which was probably way too much for me), washing it down with orange juice, and then I busted out my weed and began to smoke a little. I had about half an ounce and nobody to smoke it with but myself, so I smoked out of my bong for about 20 min until I started feeling the first effects.
Now I have done shrooms before, and usually when I am coming up I feel tingly and kind of nervous. But for some reason, this time, the only effects I felt were sharp butt pains. I waited almost an hour after ingesting the shrooms and I only had slight visuals, but the butt pains were outrageous! I was wondering if I took some bunk shrooms when all the sudden, I started shitting out of my ass all over the floor. When this happened, it started some reaction with the shrooms and all the sudden time just stopped. The walls turned brown(kind of like the shit out of my fucking asshole), and all sorts of strange colors, and my tv began to morph into my bong.
About 20 min to an hour later, my ass started morphing into chickens that were screaming at me. I became frightened of the chickens, so I shouted at them, calling them assholes and telling them to get a job. They just laughed and threw dog shit at me. I decided washing dishes was the only solution so I wiped a bunch of dishes in the shit that came from my crusty asshole, and then washed them. I did this for an hour, when finally the shrooms wore off.
After that experience, I don't know if I will ever take shrooms again, but I may consider it.

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