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Happy First Trip.....

This was my first time ever taking mushrooms.

This was my first time ever taking mushrooms. There were about 3, dried, in the bag; mostly dust, though. I ate them straight, washed them down with some apple juice, hopped in the shower, and waited. After some time, i wasn't feeling anything except some muscle tension, so, disappointed, i sat down in the living room to do some perspective drawing for my art class. Glancing up at the wall, I noticed coloured lines flicker ing across it, and suddenly felt unusually giddy.

I lay down on my couch and watched as the lines moved up and danced across the ceiling. i noticed lines appearing at the edges of everything, all converging to a single vanishing point. The ceiling acqired a sort of lacy look and started to wave up and down at my command. spirograph patterns appeared on the walls and a 'family' of dots also appeared and started a 'voyage' across the wall. I spent 2 hours watching just these things from my couch, which had become the centre of the universe to me. later, I took a look at myself in the mirror: my hair had turned neon green and was crawling on my head.

I discovered that I could turn the sun on and off with a wave of my hand, and this led to the discovery of the beatiful trails my hands made when i waved them at the ceiling. whenever I touched one of my neon bracelets to an object, the neon started to bleed into it , turning it neon, too. his seemed to be the happiest i'd ever been in my life, and I concluded that I should kill myself to be happy forever.but, not wanting to leave the security of my couch that resembled a giant marshmallow, I dismissed the thoughts and soon after fell asleep.

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