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Korn & Dead Bodies

Before i get started let me tell you that this was the craziest trip i ever had.

Before i get started let me tell you that this was the craziest trip i ever had.It was saturday during the begining of september of 99.me and two friends decided we wanted to trip again.So we all went to the shroom fields and pick about 36 nice sice shrooms.When we got home we waited for night to fall.When it got dark we started to take them.I took about 14 fresh shrooms.After that i sat on my couch smoking a joint with my friends.By the time the joint was a roach i was already feeling the effects.So i then turned the lights off and put on my lava lamp and black light.about 30 mins later i noticed my friends korn shirt.It was glowing more then anything in the room.I tried to ignore it but all of a sudden it spoke to me.I didn't hear what it said but i knew it was talking to me.So i decided to go outside for a walk and smoke one more joint with my friends.I was the first one out of the house,my friends were a little slow getting out.And when they got out i noticed something.There were 3 people walking out of my house and i only had 2 there.When they got down the stairs i noticed that the other person was jonathan davis of korn.I was like fucking right he's here.But when i tried to talk to him is when everything went bad.He ignored me and started mumbling "dead bodies everywhere."Then he jumped back in my friends shirt.SO we started to walk and burn the joint.When we got half way down the street i noticed the sky was purple with clouds the shape of bodies.I thought it was kinda cool but one of the clouds turned into Jonathan Davis and he started laughing at me saying"dead bodies everywhere...dead bodies everywhere."by that time i was freaking out.I started to run back to my house with the joint and i tripped over something.I looked to see what it was and it looked like a zombie.It had me by my foot.When my friends came to see if i was ok they started laughing cause i was yelling"get it off of me,hurry".then Jonathan Davis came out of his shirt again and i got up and started running some more.I looked back and he was running after me and my friends looked dead.When i got in my house i locked the door and my friends were banging on the door.I was too scared to look out and see who it was.When i went to put the joint down(we never finished it)i looked up and seen a dead cat crawling on the wall.And i was starting to go insane.I ran down to the basement(which was a big mistake)and as i got down there the side door opened and it was my friends.I was getting a little calm.So we finished the joint and at that time i looked down at the dirt on the floor.It started moving side to side.then it went up the wall and that's when Jonathan crawled out of the dirt.I droped the joint and ran upstairs to my room.Ilayed down on my bed and i seen the whole korn band on my wall.They looked like liquid.And they started to play Mr.Rogers.They started to slide all over the wall and shapes started to come from the walls.Everything started to melt and catch on fire.The band turned into.Demons and started to sing in a language unknown to anyone.It was wicked as hell.I tried to call my friends in to see but when ever i spoke a word it came out as nothing.I started sweating and i felt like i was melting into my bed.i wraped my cover around my face and started to yell for help.Then my door flew open.I looked to see who it was,i was sooo relieved.It was my friends and i noticed something...the room wasnormal exept for the aura around my friends and the shapes spinning on the wall.Then i thought to myself...everything is ok now.My peak is still here and i'm not going insane like i was a bit ago.And everything was down from that point.

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