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Keep Checkin Back

I had just turned 17 years old and had been reading about acid and was very curious to try it out.

I had just turned 17 years old and had been reading about acid and was very curious to try it out. I gave my parents some bullshit excuse as to why I needed to stay at my friend Ryans house that friday night so we could trip.

We'd found out that Buddy had a sheet and made our way over to his house. I bought 3 hits of "globe" for 15$ and Ryan bought 1 for 5$. As soon as we got in my car we dropped 1 hit a piece. We were laughing the whole way back to his house with anticipation and kept sticking our tounges out at eachother showing off our acid.

We arrived at Ryans at about midnight and his mom wasn't due home for another 3 hours. We had plenty of time, and if we were too fucked up when she got there we'd just go to sleep.
About 45 min had passed since we dropped our first hit and we only felt a little speedy so we decided to take another 1/2 a piece. We waited another 15 min and decided that "this acid sucks, we're gonna kick Buddy's ass for ripping us off". We ate the last 1/2 each and just milled around his house for a while.
Ryan had all kinds of posters in his room and I sat to look at one that was just to the side of his bed. It was a picture of a planet with 3 suns in the background and all the stars in between. He sat next to me wondering what I was looking at and reached out to point at one of the stars. When he touched the picture a burst of colors came out of the picture like a small firework. We both said "whoa" and he did it again. It did it again. This was pretty cool to me but Ryan got up and started walking aruond his house smoking a cigarett frantically. I started looking deeper into the picture and saw these little martians, or what I thought were martians, all over the picture. They were all jumbled together and seemed to be part of eachother. The closer I tried to look at them the more intricate they got and kept changing and moving rhythmically. I told Ryan to "come here and look at this!", but he just responded worriedly " yer just trippin dude, yer just trippin". He looked really nervous so I had a smoke with him outside.

We went for a walk down at the old abandoned apt complex down the street from him and went down in the garage where it was pretty dark. As I pulled my cigarett from my mouth I noticed that it kinda stayed there. "Trails dude, I'm seein trails" I said. We played with the smokes for about 10 min writing our names in the air and such. It was a little spooky in the dark garage so we went back to his apartment.

When we got there his house looked a bit different. Everything was shiny and new looking. I decided to watch some TV in an attempt to ease my uneasyness. I'm looking at the screen but I really can't hear what the guy is saying. I keep hearing him talk in what seemed to me to be backwards. I also hear some strange noise but I can't tell where its coming from. I finally figure out that it must be in my head from the acid. I'm still looking at this guy on TV and now his face is starting to get real wierd. His eyes are multiplying horizontally and his mouth is multiplying vertically in a sort of trail kinda fashion. Then he looks to the person to his side, but when he turns his head it stays where it was but is also where it turned at the same time. It sorta just streched out.
Just then Ryan comes over to me with a handfull of cigaretts and tells me to "catch it". "Catch what?" I said. Then he stops the 1 cigarett and says "look". It was only one cig in his hands that he was twirling. "Holy shit I'm fucked up" I said. He laughed. TV was too dificult to watch now so I looked at the walls and floor. Ryan pulls up the carpet in the center of the room and lets it drop back down creating a ripple effect that looked really neat. It just kept rippling. The walls had all kinds of multi colored paterns on it too. It was beautiful.

Its getting near 3am and Ryan says that we should get to sleep before his mom comes home. He lays in his bed and I on the matress on the floor. I closed my eyes but BING they opened right back up. "I can't keep my eyes closed"I said. "neither can I" said Ryan. About that time sure enough Ryans mom comes home. We both pretend that we're asleep. His mom takes a shower and when she gets out Ryan fucking gets up and goes to talk to her! OMFG what is he doing I thought. We are for sure gonna get busted. There's no way she won't know. They talk a bit but then His mom asks him "whats wrong with you?". My heart fucking sank. He quickly responded with "whats wrong with you?!". "Oh I'm just tired" she says and gives him a kiss goodnight. He jumps back in bed and we just lay there motionless for about 1/2 an hour. His room is ALIVE! everything keeps moving and is all brilliantly colored. He finally leans over to me and says "dude, I gotta get outta here". We snuck outside.

I had to piss so I went into the stairwell of his building. While I'm pissing the walls are melting around me and I looked down at my piss only to discover that there are maggots in my piss. We started walking around his building and made our way into the elevator. I looked at him and saw his aura. It was a glow of yellowish green around his whole body. I wanted to ask if he saw mine but speech started to get very dificult, and we didn't say much more than 3 word phrases. He didn't want to be walking around his building in our state, so he said "lets go to your car".

We got in but everything was different and alive. My dashboard was a mess of melting goo, and my windshield had a "city in the clouds" look about it with steets and multi colored lights. Ryan had just had an operation a few weeks earlier to put a steel plate in his head and the horseshoe scar on his semi-bald head was really getting deep. It looked like the friggin Grand Canyon of scars and I kept looking at it. We kept rolling the windows down becase it got steamed up, but rolling them up to keep the outside world away. My mind was racing so fast I couldn't keep a thought in my head for more than a nanosecond. The only thing I could manage to say was "keep checkin back" over and over again as I was writhing from my experience. There was no reality at this point and I was sure that I would never come back to the real world. Clouds of color were flying by me at incredible speed and the roach clip feathers that hung from my rearview mirror had taken on intelligence. The shell of me seemed to dissolve and my true soul shined thru. There was no hiding from who I truly was. I had many revelations about life, existance, love, death, God, satan and a whole slew of deeper meanings. I missed my family and Sandy my girlfriend, for I hadn't seen them in what seemed like centuries. We sat in the car for about 2 hours "real time" before we sorta came off the peak and decided to go to the roof of his building.

It was just before dawn and we sat on the roof and looked out at the neighborhood below. The sun soon came up and the birds started flying but we couldn't tell how many birds due to our fucked-up vision. The birds just seemed to multiply. The morning sky was more beautiful than I'd ever seen it and I had a new sense of deeper appreciation for the simpler things in life such as sunrises and birds and just life in general. I had been given a special gift and was exposed to the Universe. I now had understanding and was more of a person than I'd ever been in the past. I crossed over and was allowed to come back.

The whole next week in school Ryan and I would go to lunch together to circle K, but we didn't say much to eachother. We both just kept thinking of what happened but no words could really describe what we'd become. We just sat together and enjoyed the company in silence. We were best friends now.

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