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Just Riding The Buzz

A few Friday nights ago, me and 3 buddies were just sitting around playing poker.

A few Friday nights ago, me and 3 buddies were just sitting around playing poker. The only thing we had to give us any kind of a buzz was weed, which gets boring after a lot of it. Weed just wasn't enough. After a while I made everyone give me all there money and we went out and bought an ounce of shrooms. A quarter of shrooms isn't bad for one night. After we ate them, we decided to go for an "adventure" the the train tracks in my town. As we walked every little noise or movement scared the fuck out of us. Then my buddy got a great idea to walk through forest and a find a clearing where we could chill and pass out. As we walked down a narrow path through the forest I was freaking! If I looked to either side I saw darkness, the only thing breaking the darkness was a few outlined trees, these trees looked like they were glowing. If I looked ahead it was the same but the outlines were of people. If I were to look up, I would see the moon, which looked like a spinning spiral. Also, if I looked up I saw leaves, which seemed to waving to me. Then I imagined that the leave were falling, and they would bury me alive. I started to run away. As soon as i was running, my friends chased after me. I imagined them as viscous wolves, ready to kill me. AS I was running I ran right into a big clearing, lighted up by the moon, and in the middle was a pond. My trip totally changed from me freaking out, to me just living in the moment. I laid down, lite a smoke, and stared at the stars...just riding the buzz...

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