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jus another trip....

IM gunna skip the bullshit .

IM gunna skip the bullshit ...

as soon as the body high set in i could tell we would be in

for a joy ride of the likeness of a mustang...but this was

gunna be a hilocopter ride. I sat in the grass at midday

with friends scattered around the park. THose little white

fuzzy things that float in the air telling you spring has

arrived surrounded me. They got me so high that my mundane

body disintegrated and i became the director of the fuzzies. I

could manipulate their every swagger and movement in the wind

and send them to places i wanted them to grow. my mind was

calm as the sun in a cloudless blue sky. Just sitting,

unphased watching my planet, my creation revolve around my

glowing fiery body. I had returned to the garden and these

gorgeous fuzzies dancing before me were my people. there

was hundreds of them dancing to the melody of spring, the

hymm of nature. And as the entities around us saw the

dancing, they joined in and everthing that was existing at

that place there sort of took a break from reality, and

created a new world, a world within. I new this haven would

end eventually so i did the only logical thing at that

time. I summoned Time to appear before me and it did, as a

string of yarn floating in the air. I could see where i was

on the line and i was approaching the end. cleverishly i

tied the the yarn with a knot and dismissed the problem

into eternity. And long i sat.

this state of fantasy was interrupted by my friend who

grabbed my shoulder and said

"behind that tree over there i just talked to god, and she

told me everything!" Everything huh? well ill just go have

a look see. I walked to the tree as my friends watched in

giddiness. When i got to the tree i unfortunately saw

nothing, as i somehow predicted.

"I think hes gone danny!"

"first off hes a she dude! and shes not gone, shes looking right at you!"

i turned to where he was looking and thirty feet in front

of me a muscular deer with eyes of stone stared directly at

me. i began to approach and it retreated. i sensed its

fear and pondered how i would get to it. I had to. at that

very moment nothing in the world mattered save i get to

that fucking deer! i would give my life to walk beside her.

I looked at her and she looked at me. Then i looked at me

and saw my stupid ass big johnson teeshirt. I took it off

and approached. this time she stood still. I then unclothed

myself and my friends went up in hysterics. I silenced

them with a gesture and walked to her. she did not run but

sort of of trotted circumnavigating me and i her. We were

two lines on one of those trippy posters that curls into

itself like a target. Finally we met in the center and at

that moment a wave of euphoria surged inside me comparable

to how superheroes must feel after their first time saving theworld. It was like coming in contact with with an alien

species and knowing from the look in its eyes that neither

of your lives will ever be the same again. We gazed into

each others eyes like lovers(im not wierd i didnt have a

hard on) and then she turned her head, and there was her

family. She went into the forest and i to the park. Then i

realised i forgot my clothes and went back to get dressed.

For the next hour we did all the common trip shit, ate

jello..talked to trees... rubbed ice on the topless girls

chests who were with us...but before i came down i wanted

to go off by myself to meditate, so i excused myself and

sat alone far off.
contrary to the great trip i was having what happened next

started out horrible but ended for the better. For some

unknown reason the landscape in front of me turned into a

jungle and disrupted my meditation. The air was thick with

a mildew stench and danger lurked ahead. over there behind

that bush! was it a monster? a terrible beast who would

jump out any second to rip my flesh and crack my bones?

instincts told me to get down like i was in a war, in an

ambush. I pulled out my then seemingly real knife becuase

my imaginary gun was out of ammo. Then I knew where i was.

Nam. charlie was right there in front of me and this was

my test. Either he or i was about to die in this hellhole

and the other would have a scalp. Its funny when your in

war but you are no longer a man, your a bloodthirsty savage

with nothing in your thought process save the exhiliration

and doom of here and now. He was feeling it..we both said

our prayers and charged! I dont remember the specifics,

which is probably my mind protecting me but i do remember

flailing my might with all that i was using all my

possible strength to surivive.It(i must have looked like a

retard out there beating the shit outta myself in a bush.)

It is an undescribable feeling to have killed a man. one

which cannot be put in words. After the aftermath of the

fight the jungle disappeared and a certain serenity eased

my mind. I had faced the devil and all the anger which was

pent up inside was released. I returned to my friends and

back to the world not within. As we came down we watched

the sunset and let all the shit just soak in...

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