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Happy face valley =) [1st time]

For my first time shrooming, I picked up a half-O of some cubies (not sure what strain) and wanted to trip with 4 of my friends.

For my first time shrooming, I picked up a half-O of some cubies (not sure what strain) and wanted to trip with 4 of my friends. I had never done anything besides pot, and was still somewhat apprehensive. Well, we ended up taking it down between 5 of us and had one "sober" guide (all 6 of us smoked all day). We went to our local favorite sandwich/pizza shop in town and we ordered meatball sandwiches. One friend put his whole eighth (also first timer) into half of his sandwich and munched it in about 2 minutes. I put about half my eighth in mine and ate it. We couldn't figure out what to do, so we decided to eat and gauged we had about an hour before we started to trip. We ended up going to our non-shrooming friend's house, smoked a little more, and decided on a hike!

Fortunately, one of our friends with us lives right by a great hiking spot, so we went over to his house and parked and walked to the trails. Before we went though, his dad came out with his girlfriend, so while our friend talked to his dad, the rest of us laid on his lawn and looked at the clouds. No visuals, but very relaxing with the oncoming body high. On the way, I munched my other half eighth. Yummy!

After a lovely walk through suburbia, we reached the trails. This was about an hour after we popped the first shrooms. As soon as we got there, I started to really feel high. We were smoking a lot of pot throughout, which helped. We then proceeded on our hike. At the time, I was in a Geology class at community college so I was tripping out at all the nature. We decided to go up the river (which was pretty dry so we were able to walk in the middle of it on the big rocks). At some point, I don't remember, two of our friends broke off from us. They later told us about their experience then, and said they "went to war with a bowl". They just could not cache a bowl for some reason.

We finally reached a point at the river which was shady, and a log had fallen over the river. It was like our own personal bench that we could have our feet in the water! So we sat on this log and smoked some more. One friend dropped his piece in the river (didn't break =) ). This finally killed the bowl that would not die. After retrieving his pipe, he packed a bowl. I then dropped something too, and went to pick it up with a lighter in hand and killed the lighter! UH OH!

Good thing we're all stoners and had other lighters readily available. So we smoked, and while we were smoking, we noticed a tree nearby that appeared to have faces on it! Way cool. I've been back since, and it looks the same way sober, but still very cool at the time.

After we finished, we started heading back down the river. This is when we were able to see the whole trail and look down on what we just hiked. The trail is in the foothills, and so with the mountains on the left and the river valley beneath, and two clouds in the sky, we saw... A HAPPY FACE! It was truly a beautiful sight and is too bad that it cannot be shared.

It started to get dark on our way back, and about 10 yards from the trail exit, we decided we couldn't go any further without smoking another bowl. We then went to our friends house, where we chilled for a few minutes. Our non-shrooming guide drove my car while my other friend drove his car. BAD IDEA! Fortunately, nothing bad happened, but they did have to take one friend home who started to trip out in the car. The rest came and met up with us.

We were all going to go to this one girl's house to drink afterwards. While waiting for our other friends, my driver and I parked by her house, which is also on a hill, and we were able to see all of LA, Pasadena, Burbank, etc. (Los Angeles, CA, USA). It was incredible. I then started to trip out at my CD player and gauges. I said "Wow. My car is cool." My friend agreed. haha. Finally the others came and met up with us. This was where I had one of the best feelings in my life. My friend pulled up next to us in the parking lot. He asked me how I was feeling. I replied, "Stoned, chillin." He said the same, and we gave each other this look which was indescribable. It was as if we just completely understood each other. I had been having great thoughts the whole time (which is now my favorite part about shrooming), but this was just a great connection with a great friend.

Finally, we went to this girl's house and started to drink. For some reason, I was able to just drink and drink and drink. Fun!

So after a great first trip during the day, after we came down we started drinking and had a great night on top of it! I have been absolutely thrilled about shrooms ever since, and cannot wait for my next (4th) time. Cheers!

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