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As I wrote this I was coming down from a strong trip.

As I wrote this I was coming down from a strong trip. I had been planning to trip for awhile but that night all the variables seemed right so I went for it. I ingested 10 large cubensis that had been stored in honey for about a month. After about 20 minutes I had the usual acelleration effects and threw up several times. I then Put on some jimi Hendrix and layed down. This is what I typed into my computer as I started to come down. I have edited it and fixed the errors, but it is essentially what I wrote at the time. I am finally starting to realize who I am once again. Jimi and I had a conversation while I tried on many different faces. I keep seeing this cat, a puma or something-- It did'nt matter. I feel as if Jimi is right next to me talking and I know exactly what he is trying what he is trying to tell me. I kept seeing this cat or puma egyptian theme kinda animal. I definately feel as if I have gone to another place an experienced different things. There was this dimly lit hallway with some kind of heiroglyphics on the walls. I am not a history expert but I feel as if I have been to ancient Egypt. I feel very confused right now, like on star trek when captain picards mind was probed and he lived another life inside of 20 minutes. Wow, there were so many different faces for me to try on It was amazing, emotions are it, where its at, I realize that there is really nothing to be afraid of and all that matters in life is learning. music sweet music, I wish I could caress and kiss.... Reality kinda sucks because we have to learn from it. It took me about a full week to recover. I was a little emotionally raw during that time. It is now 2 months later and it seems like a distant memory.

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