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Let me first say that i have done columbian cubensis mushrooms before, and never had a problem.

Let me first say that i have done columbian cubensis mushrooms before, and never had a problem. Friends i know have experienced "bad trips", but i put it down to their particular mood, or state they were in before taking them.
The other night i (as completely usual) brewed some shrooms in a tea, and drank them. To begin with, the trip was as normal, a sense of contentment, and say posters on the wall distorting and waving, peaople's faces appearing different and so on. About 40 minutes in to the trip, i kept having a strong flashing image of a woman moving from the right side of my vision, and stopping about midway. I was in a room of people, and i decided to just go up to my room and lie down for a bit. The next set of events scared me and terrified me to such an extent that i will never do a mind altering drug again! Lying on my bed, i cannot describe what i experienced properly, as words simply do not suffice.

It hurt when i touched the bare skin of my arms together, and i felt like they were tied up,my legs felt like they were sinking into the bed,next all that i saw visually was pattern of some sort, similar in appearance to a wall of cells; but they were everywhere, like everything was pulsing to these swirling masses. It didn't matter if my eyes were open or closed. As the trip progressed, the feeling of helplessness and paranoia was intense; i kept seeing this massive figure on the ceiling, reaching down for me with an arched arm. At no point could i even consider what normality was like... it was a simple fact that this is what i would be like for eternity; and the most disturbing thing looking back was the fact that i perceived death to be no worse than what i was going through. This sounds ridiculous now, but the sense of understanding of others emotions and the empathy was overwhelming; it felt like words were simply not enough, and i am certain that whatever deeper meanings of life there are, i understood them at one point; i knew why people did things, it was like my mind created situations purely to analyse. But aswell as this, i was completely critical of myself, questioning the good and bad, comparing myself to others. #I can honestly say that that part of the trip has completely changed my perception of what the human mind is capable of; in my wildest imagination i could not have conjured such images or thoughts, and the fact that all this "potential" is in there really frightens me.As the trip began to end, i ventured downstairs again, and as i sat in the chair, every heartbeat that i made, meant that the whole room leapt backwards from the house, and i was in a massive starry expanse, even with eyes open or closed, and i could feel the rush of wind as it kept leaping backwards.

That's about it, like i said this has put me off mind enhancing drugs...and if i could relay 1/10th of the fear i feelt during the whole experience, then i very much doubt whether anyone would do them!

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