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Alright. I'm ready to write another trip report. This was my second time really tripping, and I must say it was the most interesting. But my first trip was by far the most intense, a true level 5.

Anyway, moving on..

This all happened about a week before Christmas of 2001. So basically the atmosphere was all happy and, well, it felt like Christmas etc. I had been attempting to find shrooms a few times before this, approximately 2 months before, and I could never get my hands on em. They were always just out of reach. Usually it was my lack of hook ups with mushroom dealers and the fact that I wasn't bar age at the time, and that's where shrooms are usually sold in my town.

This time I was with 4 of my buddies and we were ready for a good time. Money wasn't the issue in getting the drugs we were drooling over. My friend had planned on using 300 of his own bucks to get us all really fucked up. Which drugs were we going to purchase? Well beer of course, weed FO SHO, and of course, sum funky fungus.

The same day we did the mush we bought some trip toys to help us out...a lava lamp, nice and blue..and this sweet spiraling electro lamp that reacted to touch and sound. It was COOL!! Of course not the most interesting thing. Ok enough of this crap......

We went down to a friends house on the other side of town because he was a known psychadelic user. I've known this guy since I was in grade 2 so I trusted him to get me a good deal. I presented the plan to him, we have the money, you get us the shrooms, and we'll let you in on our 2 way ticket to the magical land of shroomz. Of course he was all for it. We set out to find em.

We stopped by the bar looking for a dealer. To no avail we left disappointed. I of course, being a pessimist, expected nothing. I wasn't too broken up about finding none at our first spot, we had another chance...a friend of my buddies who had been known to sell mush.

We drove to his house and my buddy went inside to talk to the mush dealer. We all forked over our money and in minutes he gave us a phat bag of what looked like grey brown and black wood. It looked like wide splinters of short thin wood. Of course there were caps in the bag as well. So I was happy.

Now that we had the mush we drove back to my buds house whose parents were out of town for xmas holidays. Good stuff, what could possibly be better.

At the house we dumped the baggy on the coffee table and eyed out 5 seperate piles. They looked to be a bit less than an eighth each. Woo! Ok now for the fun to begin. We cooked up a pizza, delicioso/dejourno. I cant remember which one...but then after they were finished we put the mush on the pizza after we had put the pieces onto our plates. We began to scarf. mmmm....good pizza, bad topping. blech!! It was horrible. It was like eating really good pizza with bitter tasting wood on top. Then when the woody mush got wet, it got slimy. Very disgusting..

Well...after we had all choked down the mush/pizza, we chased it with some pepsi. the joy of cola! It was cool, then we went to smoke some Green. I was all for the herb. It was so relaxing and I thought it would cause me to anticipate less. We got high....good shit.

We were in my buddies garage at this point all standing around talking whilst innebriated from the weed. Nobody was really feeling the magical touch just yet. THen we went back into the house. My friend who was a first time tripper said to me, "This is when things start to get really trippy". Of course I was like..."What are you talking about you've never tripped before". Then it started to creep into my head, I felt it behind my eyes. I was starting to go crazy. This is it. No turning back now. Am I really ready for this??

We all went into the living room to chill out for a while. They all talked and stuff probably feeling the mush just like I was. I turned on the TV and "Any Given Sunday" was on the tube. I decided to watch it because it was a good movie. I had seen it before while sober. Good shit...

Phase 1:
This is when things started to take a negative turn. I started to feel like I jumped off a bridge without checking the water level first. As I watched the movie I started getting scared because Al Pacino was yelling his ass off at the players. I felt like he was the devil or something because his face was so red.

Phase 2:
I decided to stop watching TV or this might turn worse, and it already felt pretty shitty. I got up and walked to the bathroom to take a piss. Everything went pretty well in there. The floor was slightly more intense than usual and it formed some cool looking patterns. Now for the mirror while I was washing my hands. I made sure not to look at my reflection cuz I knew that it might freak me out. Since I didnt want to be a pussy I quickly glanced at myself and walked out of the bathroom.

Phase 3:
As I walked into the living room all my friends were sitting around still watching TV. I made a joke and laughed at it. I thought everything I said was funny and they laughed too so I guess it was. That lightened things up a bit. I felt pretty good. But it wasnt meant to be this way the whole time. I had very strange mood swings, up and down. I felt awesome for 30 seconds, then the next 30 I felt doom. I had no idea why. By now everything had taken on a fake sort of plasticine type look and everything was shivering slightly. I watched the rest of the movie Any Given Sunday and it freaked me out bad. I was at the part where the big football player dude got hurt on the field and all these paramedics were surrounding him trying to revive him. I took this very very seriously and started to lose it. I felt like someone in the room died suddenly even though it was on TV. I thought to myself "quit being a dumbass it's on TV you fool" Then they managed to revive him and I felt better.

Phase 4:
I turned the TV off deciding I was ok for now. All of my friends were in different locations amongst the house. Me and another were still sitting in the living room on his recliners. My friend kept saying to me "I'm so fucked up man, Im so fucked up man, Im so fucked up man". He kept repeating himself so I got angry and yelled "I KNOW MAN, WE'RE ALL REALLY FUCKED UP, WE ATE SHROOMS". Of course the reason I yelled was because I was afraid. I think I just wanted him to stop panicking because it was making me panick too. After this I told a joke and I felt better. And I think he calmed down too. It was good.

Phase 5:
I moved to a more comfortable spot on a couch and I felt safe there. The lighting became dim in the house. I was paranoid of the front window being open because I felt like the cops were gonna see us all tripping out. So I closed em. They were venecian blinds so they looked all wavy when they closed, naturally. They looked pretty cool actually, green with golden sort of veins on them. I didnt pay attention for too long. My concentration turned towards my friends animals that were looming about the house. I dont know why, but I got irritated with them. My buddy spilt beer on the floor and we all took that seriously, I dont know why. Then his dog came and licked it up for what seemed like 2 fucking hours. I finally got mad and said to my friend "put that fucking dog in his cage he's buggin me". I dont know why but I felt weird about the dog licking the floor for hours. even though it was probably only minutes. He told me to put the dog away myself if i was so concerened with it. So I did. I wobbled over to his cage and managed to call the dog to it and get him in. Everything looked all fuckin rubbery and wavey. I had the hardest time shutting the cage. It was even harder to lock it and put a blanket over top. That's just the way his family keeps the dog at night.

Phase 6:
Things at this point got very very fucked up. I remember Moby's Play was in the cd player. Good music. But when that one weird song came on, everything got all weird. My one friend started to fuckin walk on the roof with his hands attached to the top and he kept staring at me, as if he was mocking me because he could walk on the ceiling with his hands and i couldnt. I told him to stop doing that and turned away from him cuz it was just so fuckin weird what he was doing. It looked almost comical but I didnt laugh. I got freaked out by how fucked up I was. They ceiling had a naturally vein type pattern. I started to think my buddies parents were old time shroomers. Hippies most likely cuz they were old, maybe from the sixties.

Phase 7: I went to the bathroom one last time to take a piss. I felt really sick so i threw up in the toilet first....this sucked, cuz all the pizza chunks on the side of the bowl on the inside started to melt down the porcelain. It formed weird aztec like patterns as it melted. I was really fucked up by now. I pulled out my dick and started to piss. I got kinda worried at this point cuz I felt like my dick had shrunk away to nothing as I was holding it. Damnit, the worst part of the trip as most guys can probably understand. I finished pissing and forgot about the dick as I rationalised that it was the mush making me think it was gone. I washed my hands and didnt even notice my reflection in the mirror. I went back to the living room to finish my trip on the couch. By now I was about 3 hours in after ingestion.

Phase 8:
As I was sitting on the couch I started to rub my hands together because they felt like they were still wet from when I washed them. They felt sticky and the felt like they were melting together. This was a great feeling. Probably the best part of the trip. It was just before I peaked. My feet started to get wet too. I rubbed my face and all I felt were empty holes. No eyes, no mouth. Just empty holes with ridges around where the openings were. I wasnt worried about this. It felt kinda cool, and by now I was too messed up to worry. Things at this point took a radical turn..

Phase 9:
Moby was still playing, it was that one song, the one where the lyrics are something like "Speak to me baby.....in the middle of the night...put your mouth, close to mine". i remember thinking that it was the most beautiful song in the world. All the lights in the house were turned off, and the music was loud, but soft. The lava lamp really caught my attention. Next time you're fucked on mush, stare at one of those for a while. Very fucking cool. I started to think "Cosmic" and I understood why they were invented. =). At this point I layed back and relaxed and let the music take me where it wanted to. I felt very milky, smooth, at total peace with everything in the universe. I loved that feeling so much. It felt like an eternity of pure bliss on that couch while I listened to that song and became one with it. This was by far the best part of my trip.

Phase 10:
I dont know how long I sat there in pure ecstacy, but it was great. I started to feel paranoid about the window being close now, I felt trapped in the house. I opened the blinds. There were some snow covered trees just outside the window. I was staring at them and It didnt look like there was any glass between me and the outside. even though it was approximately -30 celsius(close to -20 F). The trees looked like they were melting into the house. Each branch looked like long greenis white tubes coming in with faces on them. This wasnt scary, just interesting. I looked at my friend and I asked him "So what do you think of mushrooms dude?" he looked at me and said "They're fucking amazing". Then we got into a conversation about how there's no possible way to describe what they are like. You have to experience them first hand. We remembered the Jenga set on the table. They were all set up and ready to be played with. They looked fuckign awesome. The tower was doing some kind of cosmic dance. It looked rubbery and blurry and was twisting around and reminded me of how a plant looks when you watch it grow in sped up video. When I tried to take out the first piece the whole tower moved towards my hand like my hand was a magnet. I was like.."what the fuck dude, you see this shit?" I tried to move my hand away from it and it fell over. Damnit, I dont know what the fuck happened. I think I might have just hit it over thinking I was being all dextrous and shit. Ahh well. The pices melted into the table wiggling in a shimmering mass of wood. I reached over and picked a piece up and played with it in my hand, so amazed at the concept on tangibility. Very sweet. I loved the way it looked and felt against my skin. I kept spinning it in my hand. It was sweet.

Phase 11:
This was nearly the end. We all came down out of our trip quite rapidly, discussing what we felt earlier, and how we feel now. I ate a piece of pizza which tasted awesome and drank some more pepsi. Everything still looked kinda fuzzy and cartoonish but things werent warping around anymore and I felt great about life. I ended up driving everyone home and I went home myself. I couldnt sleep for about an hour, lying in bed thinking about what I had experienced. I finally dozed off, thankful.

Thanks for reading this report, i hope it wasnt too long or boring, keep it real, enjoy life, and always look at the bright side of things. Peace.

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